Jerrod Blandino mascara leak
photo: Instagram/Jerrod Blandino

Too Faced always has new beauty goodies rolling out. For the most part, the brand has mastered the art of keeping things mum until products are ready for an official reveal. Oftentimes, the first sneak peeks of Too Faced products come directly from cofounder Jerrod Blandino's Instagram account. Now Too Faced has joined the ranks of Anastasia Beverly Hills and Jeffree Star Cosmetics as a brand that has fallen victim to an unplanned product reveal. 

After an unreleased Too Faced highlighter and face mask surfaced this week, an even more exciting upcoming launch was revealed! Blandino was no fan of the premature reveal and headed to Instagram to clear up swirling rumors. 

It looks like June 6 will be an exciting day for Too Faced, makeup lovers, and our lashes. Check it out!

One of Too Faced's most anticipated products has finally made its debut, even if the brand didn't plan on it.

Say hello to Too Faced Damn Girl mascara, a new formula that was initially reported as being available in the UK. The formula brags a 24-hour curl hold with 97% full volume, 100% intense black lashes, 99% long-wearing results, and 95% long-lasting curl. Sounds like a major game-changer, right? The sleek new mascara had makeup lovers everywhere worried that only those overseas would be able to get their hands on it. Lucky for us, that's actually not the case. 

Rumors of a new Too Faced mascara available exclusively in the UK weren't completely true. 

In fact, the rumors were so false that Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino took to his personal Instagram to address them. In the video, he expresses his slight frustration that the mascara was leaked and addressed rumors about the mascara being sold only in the UK. In short? The Damn Girl Mascara is coming to all of us very soon. Beauty lovers can snag it at Sephora on June 6. The catch? This highly anticipated mascara will be available for a month only. You're going to have to be fast, Too Faced fanatics!

This comes just a few days after casual shoppers in the UK spotted other unreleased Too Faced products for sale.

Dessert lovers, Too Faced is bringing more sweet beauty your way, and this one has nothing to do with peaches or any fruits actually! The Triple Scoop Highlighter ($42, 
Too Faced) has been spotted in the UK. It already has a landing page on the Too Faced website, so this release was clearly not a secret. 

As for the ice cream-themed palette, it has three shades that are reminiscent of a bucket of Neapolitan ice cream. The sparkly highlighters are appropriately named Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. By the way, this palette smells like ice cream too!

Ready for another surprise? Too Faced has a fruity face mask coming out as well!

Are you digging the idea of a Pineapple Glow Face Mask ($42, Too Faced)? She's coming to moisturize and brighten the faces of Too Faced lovers everywhere! The mask has a gel texture with a formula that includes lactic and glycolic acids. The mask is meant to exfoliate and soften the skin while giving it a healthy glow.

You'll have to wait for these new Too Faced goodies to go on sale, but in the meantime, get into these Too Faced products worth scooping up right now.

Glowver Puppy Love Highlighter ($30, Too Faced)

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This pretty and playful champagne-gold highlighter is inspired by Blandino's puppy, Clover, and her love for all things shiny. The intense, ultra-creamy formula is high-impact so you can glow all over. Apply to your face or body for a radiant shimmer that's perfect for these sunny months. It's creamy, pigmented, and all-around glamorous.

Pretty Puppy Eye Shadow Palette ($28, Too Faced)

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This cute-as-a-puppy-nose palette that will be your new beauty best friend. It’s filled with 6 purely pigmented and easy-to-blend shadows with a versatile mix of matte and metallic finishes that will have you looking pawsitively fetching! It has neutral, wearable shades that are universally flattering with warm and cool tones. Even cuter, the compact is shaped like Clover’s face. Way too cute. 

Natural Lust Eyeshadow Palette ($59, Too Faced)

Take your natural look to a whole new level with this massive eye shadow palette! Get ready to embrace your sexy and sultry side with this collection of 30 never-before-seen lust-worthy natural shades. The palette includes soft neutrals, seductive smoky shades, and flirtatious pops of color in multiple finishes to take your neutral game to a whole new level. The multi-finish palette is highly pigmented, boasts a one-swipe payoff, and a creamy formula.

Tutti Frutti Fresh Squeezed Highlighting Drops ($30, Ulta)

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These fruit-inspired highlighting drops are meant to glow up your look with a weightless formula. Wear the drops alone or mixed into foundation! The drops are for wearing on the eyes, lips, or face. There are two flavors: Piña Colada and Pink Grapefruit.

Moisturizing And Brightening Face Mask ($42, Too Faced)

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This pineapple-powered gel mask boosts radiance and smooths skin’s texture with the transformative exfoliating power of lactic and glycolic acids. Prickly pear, lemon, and apple extracts work together to hydrate, leaving skin plumper, softer, smoother, and brighter. Infused with pineapple extract to exfoliate and soften skin, the prickly pear extract moisturizes and smooths skin.

Mr. Chiseled Contour Brush ($30, Too Faced)

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Introducing... Mr. Chiseled. He’s the ideal contouring companion, making it easy to lift cheekbones and effortlessly create perfect bone structure. The cruelty-free synthetic fibers keep their shape over time while the mohawk shape allows for optimal pickup and easy application of powder to sculpt face on cheeks, jawline, and temples. The brush comes with a full-size handle length, so you’re always in control of how much product you're applying.