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photo: Instagram/jerridblandino

Too Faced is minding our makeup collections once again with a major beauty drop that's on the way! The brand founder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino casually dropped a photo of a massive new eye shadow palette on his Instagram page. 

Not only is the palette one of the brand's biggest to date, but Blandino is making a major claim about the pigments. If true, this new palette could be one of the best drops in Too Faced history! Is your beauty routine ready? I think not.

Eye shadow lovers, say hello to the new Too Faced Natural Lust palette.

With 30 eye shadows in a mix of shimmers and mattes, cheeky names under each pan, and a black matte pigment for that trusty smoky eye — Natural Lust seems to have almost everything we need!

No word on a release date just yet, but we're assuming it's very soon because this isn't a photo of samples or swatches of possible pigments. This is a fully designed palette that could drop anytime, so ready those coins.

Natural Lust is obviously meant to be the spicier sister to the currently sold-out Natural Love palette, which launched in 2017. 

The Natural Love palette ($59, Too Faced) featured 30 of the most popular shades from previous palettes, which is why Blandino's introduction of the Natural Lust palette is especially interesting. 

Blandino introduced the palette with excitement about "30 never-before-seen lustworthy shades" — as in newly developed pigments. Hmm ... 

Lustworthy? Probably. Never before seen, though? Too Faced fans are already calling Blandino's bluff on that part. 

Comparisons to the Lime Crime Venus palette series commenced immediately after Blandino released the photo of Natural Lust.

Of course, the square-shaped pans and gold packaging are entirely similar. The actual shades also look alike at first glance, although similar-looking shadows can still have formulas that blend out totally differently in terms of pigment intensity and luster. Of course, those details boil down to personal preference. 

Fans are wary of spending money on a palette for "never before seen" shadows that they have not only seen before but might already own. 

"When I saw pics of the new palette, my brain just thought it was the palette from 2/3 years ago. Lol, that's how similar they are," one fan wrote on Instagram.

Another fan pointed out an issue with that we've definitely seen before in a variety of makeup products: ashiness.

"The palette will only be flattering on fairer skin tones. The entire left side is ashy/chalky looking. I'm good," she shared. 

Honestly? She's right. As a dark-skinned woman, I know for a fact that there's nothing I can do with the left side of Natural Lust. 

Actually, the pigment issue with eye shadows comes up a lot for people with medium to dark tones. 

photo: The CW

There are quite a few palettes meant for everyday looks that either disappear into my skin entirely or show up so bright they make darker tones look ashy instead of glow-y.

I trust only a handful of brand formulas to really show up on my skin tone without requiring me to do a ton of packing and overloading my lids. Some of them are Huda Beauty, Pat McGrath Labs, and The Crayon Case. 

Issues with pigments and repeat shades aside, the Natural Lust palette is still very pretty, and several fans admitted they're still excited about its release. 

"I actually like this new one much better than the natural love one. Obviously, we all have colors like these, but I think the colors are really pretty (especially that berry in the top right corner)," one fan shared. 

"I’d say this one doesn’t [really] look [like] the others in the picture. If anything I’d say the natural love looks like the new Venus XL 2 palette," said another. 

And of course, there are always the eye shadow lovers who can never get enough of neutral palettes no matter how many dupes they own.

"Me: I don’t need another neutral eyeshadow palette. Also me: plans on buying this as soon as it drops. #help," an excited fan shared. 

If you're also a Too Faced lover who can hardly wait until the Natural Lust palette is available for sale, then maybe you'll want to snag these picks to complete your Too Faced face when the time comes. Check out our list of good grabs down below. 

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The Too Faced highlighter has a cream-to-powder formula with a velvety texture and buildable coverage for a champagne-peach glow. The best part? It's only $10 at Sephora right now. Go, go, go!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation ($39, Sephora)

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This is your reminder to re-up on your Too Faced foundation before the new palette drops. The full-coverage formula is available in 35 shades and is meant for long-wear up to 12 hours. But you knew that already, sis. Re-up now so you don't have to use a backup later. 

Too Faced Travel-Size Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer ($15, Sephora)

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The Chocolate Soleil bronzer in the miniature size is the sweetest way to warm up a face and add dimension while you're on the move. It's only available in the medium to deep shade, but if you need the full size, then grab it for $30 in three complexion options.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($20, Sephora)

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Gotta keep those Natural Lust palette pigments perfectly in place once they're blended, right? This eye shadow primer is meant to hold your looks for 24 hours!