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Does that look like a Unicorn Tears lip gloss OR DOES IT LOOK LIKE UNICORN TEARS LIP GLOSS?

It certainly makes sense. Lip gloss is back — word to Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb — and we'll take five, please.

Hold the phone and answer me this: Is that a FULL-SIZE Unicorn Tears highlighter?

If such is the case, that highlighter is currently available only at Ulta — but it's a smaller version that comes part of an entire bundle.

Last but not least, there's a whole palette right there! And we might've already peeped its insides.

Remember this teaser from Blandino?

If our suspicions are correct, these two teasers could very well be of the same palette.

Now that we've seen all the goods, all we need is a release date.

photo: Giphy

We've certainly been waiting long enough! 

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