Disney celebrated the release of the fourth installment of Toy Story 4 with a number of different merch collaborations. From T-shirts to pajamas to socks, there's Toy Story merch that you can wear anywhere you like.

Still, some of us Toy Story fans are adults now and willing to show our love for the film permanently. If you're looking for Toy Story tattoo ideas, then look no further. The Revelist squad as you covered with tattoos ranging from minimal to large and extreme. Check out the cool ink ahead.

Can't you just hear Woody singing the lyrics in this tattoo?

"You've got a friennnnnd in meeee!" This adorable song and its lyrics make for the perfect tattoo idea. I love that it's paired with a vivid image of Woody. He's still the best sheriff in town. Don't you agree?

Punky gothic fans of Syd the TERRIBLE kid may adore this creepy-cute ink.

Syd was a creepy mess in Toy Story but he made for an appropriate character foil for Andy's bubbly personality. If you related to the darkness of Syd's personality, room, and toys — then perhaps the toy with the beat-up doll head and spider body is a great idea for your next tat.

Surely, many of you lovely dark-hearted people related more to Syd than Andy, right?

Seriously, all you need is the black T-shirt with the skull on it to truly set this tattoo off. Also, only the coolest Disney fans in the world are going to see this tattoo, instantly recognized it, and freak out with joy.

Get matching tats of the most iconic quote from the film with a special someone.

If you and a loved one actually love Toy Story to infinity and beyond, then this quote is a perfect couple or bestie tattoo. It's simple and subtle yet super fun.

And how's this for a colorful tribute to friendship?

Buzz Lightyear and Woody had a truly iconic friendship. It began as a pretty serious feud since Woody was afraid that Andy would love Buzz Lightyear more than him. He hated Buzz Lightyear more when they both got left out of the box when Andy, his mom, and his sister drove away to their new home. They thought they were separated from their family and friends forever but became friends on their journey to get to their new home.

In a way, this tattoo represents people being different yet still working as friends and being able to survive the rollercoaster that is life. 

Honestly, the sickest Toy Story tat of them all is a surprising character from the film.

Slinkyyyyy! He was a fun-loving toy who tried to keep it pretty neutral during the Woody versus Buzz Lightyear feud. If you're down for a leg tat that's going to have everyone pulling you aside for deets, then get this colorful design that pays tribute to the coolest Slinky toy the '90s ever saw!

You must have LOVE-LOVE for Toy Story to commit to this one.

Full leg tattoo, though?! The movie was great but this person obviously thought it was phenomenal. This tattoo probably took more time to get than it would take to actually watch all four movies in a row. If this person likes it, then I love it. And I definitely love looking at it.

Minimalist tattoo lovers, this one's for you.

Not everyone is into bright colors and full leg covers, right? Stay true to your minimalist heart with these simple black outline illustrations of Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

How gorgeous is this one!? Wait for it...

Yes! Color lovers (who don't want your entire leg dedicated to Pixar's dopest movie) may fall in love with this tattoo that pays tribute to the green dinosaur Rex, Hamm the piggy bank and Slinky Dog.

The aliens may have found themselves trapped in the vending machine waiting for mercy, but you can set at least one of them free forever.

Send one of the little aliens to infinity and beyond for real with this tattoo that shows one of them blasting off into space. It's super colorful and can be placed in a variety of places other than the arm. You could also get a smaller version of this if you prefer the simplicity of tiny tattoos.

This tattoo is perfect for anyone who fell for green-eyed cowgirl Jessie.

Am I the only one who was relieved when Toy Story 2 came out and we had more girl representation in the gang of toys than Bo Peep? I mean, Bo Peep was certainly dainty and cute but I could definitely identify more with a chick who likes running around, riding horses, and wearing jeans. 

Embroidery tattoos have taken over Instagram so why not? 

Remember the Lots-O-Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3? Ink the plush character on your body in this super cool and trendy embroidery style!

Never forget Mr. Potato Head!

Mr. Potato Head was an iconic toy originally introduced in the '50s and super popular in the '80s. It was cool to see the toy make its appearance in Toy Story! Since the toy covers so many different generations, this is a great tattoo choice for people of any age who love the Toy Story movies.

Raise your hand if Mrs. Nesbitt Buzz Lightyear is your favorite Buzz Lightyear?

Buzz Lightyear's meltdown in the first Toy Story was probably the most hilarious part of the film for me. Maybe I simply related to feeling over everything in life and wanting to retire from my personal obligations and just be, well, Mrs. Nesbitt. Here's to Buzz Lightyear completely giving up on life and wanting to just enjoy tea parties forever. 

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