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When you think of places to go gift shopping, your mind probably goes to places in the mall, boutiques, and luxurious dessert shops, right? But what if we told you that you should add popular grocery store Trader Joe's to that list? The affordable retailer has added some thoughtful and curated gift selections to its shelves this year, and yes, there are beauty products.

In a new adorable advent calendar, our beloved TJ's has beauty selections for each day in December that are almost good enough to eat. 

Trader Joe's has just about everything, including beauty products. 

Though their selection may not be that of a Sephora or Ulta, it does exist and it's good. So ahead of the holiday season, the beloved grocery store is taking a stab at a beauty advent calendar filled with food-based beauty products, such as a pomegranate lip balm, brown sugar body scrub, and cranberry cider body wash. At $20, it's perfect for your indecisive beauty lover friend or for yourself! 

Trader Joe's already has a cat calendar. 

Trader Joe's Cat Advent Calendar
photo: Trader Joe's

With yarn balls galore, the retailer announced last month that it was keeping the tiny felines in mind this year with a catvent calendar (get it)? Pet lovers rejoiced, wiping the sets from shelves everywhere. 

And of course, how could we forget about the return of the dog selections?

Trader Joe's dog advent calendar
photo: Trader Joe's

Before there were beauty and cat treats, our furry dog friends were taken care of with a beloved and thoughtful calendar. This set also returns this year.

Of course, there's food. 

Trader Joe's chocolate advent calendar
photo: Trader Joe's

Would it really be a grocery store if it covered everything but food? Not at all. This year Trader Joe's is stocking shelves with similar calendars for all of our appetite and sweet-tooth needs. 

It's like the gift that keeps on giving. 

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So grab one for someone else and one for yourself, because at these prices, why not buy two? Or 10. Happy holiday shopping!