photo: Trinny London

I'll be the first to admit that my beauty routine during quarantine has become a bit... lazy. My once lengthy skincare regimen has scaled down tremendously, my hair receives little to no attention, and makeup.. What is that even? However, when Zoom meetings kicked into full-speed I knew that something had to give, especially if I felt like looking like even half of a human being while on camera. 

Enter Trinny London, a brand that's literally made for lazy makeup and skincare lovers. It's ideal for those of us who have to do even a little something to brighten up our faces for the day, and really, it can all be applied with just hands. For more context, basically, almost every single product has multiple uses which not only cuts down on time but also cuts down on what we're sure is an already over flowing makeup stash. 

It's literally the brand we all need right now, and ahead, check out five must-haves that are a necessity for a 5-minute face — literally. 

BFF De-Stess/Tinted Serum ($50, Trinny London)

Let's be real, we can all use some de-stressing. That applies to both in our lives and on our fact. This tinted serum literally shields signs of stress on the skin and delivers a radiant coverage. Skin will feel and look fresh and energized — even when you're not. 

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Miracle Blur/Lip and Line Filler ($34.50, Trinny London)

Think of the most blurring primer ever. Now, imagine not having to put on anything on top. That's exactly what this is. It immediately makes pores and lines vanish on just about anywhere on the face. Talk about an airbrushed finish. 

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Lip2Cheek/Lip To Cheek ($33, Trinny London)

For lips, cheeks, and anywhere you please, this super malleable cream-based formula is perfect for when you need a quick color boost. And of course, no tools needed. Simply use the heat of your fingers to blend out masterfully. 

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Eye2Eye/Eye Shade ($24, Trinny London)

While it's available in a whopping 24 shades, that doesn't mean you have to use them all. That is, unless you want to of course. A quick swipe on the lid will dish out the perfect amount of shimmer that will open up the eye. Even better, double it as a highlighter and apply on your high points.

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T-Kit/Brush ($37, Trinny London)

A 3-in-1 brush, you really won't need anything else. The brushes are made to perfect the lips, brows and eyes. *chef's kiss*

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