Trisha Paytas transgender
photo: Instagram/Trisha Paytas

Anytime you hear — or read — Trisha Paytas' name, chances are there's some drama involved. The notable mukbanger, who is also known for her over-the-top makeup and hair looks, always has controversy buzzing around her. And well, this week is no different after she took to her YouTube channel to try to convince viewers that she identifies as a trans man. Not something that one would think would cause social media to erupt in fury, right? Well, you can guess again, because her reasoning for feeling the way she does came from left field. 

Prepare to join in the disgust ahead. 

So according to problematic YouTuber Trisha Paytas, she is a trans man.

Yes, you read that right. In a video posted in the wee hours of Monday morning, Paytas did what she says is reveal to the world that she identifies as a trans man. And while the revelation, for many, is one that would come with resounding support and compliments of bravery and strength, it's Paytas' reasoning for why she identifies as such that is having completely opposite effects. 

In case you don't want to subject yourself to listening to her talk, here's the breakdown. 

Take a gander on the outrageous things said: 

"I've always been attracted to gay men which is why I think I'm a gay man." 

"I'm transgender because I've always hated my name."

"Gay men are sensitive and sweet and straight men aren't."

"I don't identify as a woman because I'm not catty and competitive." 

Basically, the list of ignorant and head-scratching statements made goes on and everyone was confused. 

Of course, members of the LGBTQ community were particularly furious, even Patrick Starrr demanded an apology. 

"ARE YOU F*****G STUPID. Being TRANS IS NOT A COSTUME. Just because I wear a wig and lashes does not make me a WOMAN for the time that I play dress up. APOLOGIZE NOW," he said to Paytas.

To which she replied, "And just because I have boobs and a vagina does not make me a woman. You have no right to tell me which gender I am. How judgmental and hurtful. I’ve been in therapy a long time for this, you do not know the struggle I’ve had dealing with how unhappy I am in my gender."

Um … Okay. 

But let's be real, this isn't her first time being controversial. 

If you recall, Paytas once released a song titled, "Jungle Fever," where she sang about her fetish for black men; she has also notably tried to defend her use of the N-word. In case you haven't already realized, she's a hot mess.

"Yall are only just realizing that is a horrible person, because she was being transphobic. It wasn’t her racism or anything else," someone said alluding to her past. 

It's yet another instance of someone trying to profit off a marginalized group. 

"I am not coming for her transition. As a non-binary gender fluid person, I don’t give a rip what they identify as. The problem is the exploitation and sensationalization of a marginalized community for financial gain. Run and tell that," another member of the community said expressing upset. 

Trisha, get it together.