Trixie Cosmetics Fuschia Collection
photo: Trixie Cosmetics

If there's one thing that drag extraordinaire Trixie Mattel knows too well, it's makeup. That's why whenever her brand, Trixie Cosmetics, drops something new, we're practically first in line. That's exactly what's going to happen on March 26, when the Back to the Fuchsia collection finally hits shelves. Check it out for yourself. 

Earlier this week, fans were teased with what was said to be a fuchsia-inspired collection from Trixie Mattel. 

"In a world stuck in its boring blush routine," the brand wrote enticing fans. "Say hello to the Back to the Fuchsia Collection, created with a laser-focused attention to detail to bring you purple blush, glitter, lip gloss, and more, just in time to save the universe and still be home in time for dinner."

When it was time for the big reveal, Trixie didn't disappoint. 

Here's what's included: 

BACK TO THE FUCHSIA BLUSH PALETTE, $28: Flash back with this totally tubular trio
Cyber Babe is a berry-wine blush that makes your usual pink blush look so analog.
Moon Boots is a stardust violet that’s surprisingly wearable.
Hologram is a hyacinth highlight that’s blinding enough to be seen from lightyears away!* *Not really

INDIGLOW SPARKLES, $10: Dance the night away with this frosty purple Sparkle.

JUICEBOX SPARKLES, $10: Let purple reign with this juicy metallic purple Sparkle.

DUH! LIP GLOSS, $16: A thistle-pink, high-coverage gloss that will make all of your other glosses feel sooooo last year.

CHILL PILL LIP GLOSS, $16: A sassy, high-coverage periwinkle gloss because you ARE the main character and you should say it!

SYNTH LIP GLOSS, $16: A deep eggplant-purple gloss perfect for a cyber goth on a mission. Epic coverage and shine.

PRISM LIP GLOSS, $16: Ethereal purple sparkly gloss. Think Mellow Drama’s purple sister!

BLUSH BRUSH, $12: Teleport your makeup routine into a new dimension with the luxe synthetic fibers of the Trixie Cosmetics Blush Brush.

BTTF MEGA BUNDLE, $110: It’s the best deal in the stratosphere! Get the entire Back to the Fuchsia collection, the brand new Trixie Cosmetics blush brush, and an exclusive sticker sheet together and save $14. That’s one palette, 4 glosses, 2 Sparkles glitters, a brush, and a sticker sheet! Wow!

The exciting collection will be available on March 26. 

And of course, Mattel showed off the incredible formulas and color payoffs on herself, convincing us even further that this is the collection we all need in our lives. 

So make sure you nab yours once it launches. We know you won't be disappointed.