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Little girls wanting to play with makeup is nothing new, and North West is no exception. However, her most recent interaction with lipstick has Twitter up in arms. During the annual Kardashian holiday party, Kim Kardashian let North wear a lipstick shade that many think is far too sexual for someone so young.

Though Kardashian says North's look is all in anticipation for the next KKW Beauty release, a whole lot of people just aren't having it. Thoughts?

It's no secret that North West loves to play with makeup like a lot of little girls do.

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Though it's something many have accepted, social media totally lost it when North arrived at the Kardashian's annual holiday party wearing a bold red lipstick.

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Twitter erupted into a firestorm of criticism from people who argued that North is too young for the look she wore.

photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Some had an issue with the color itself, as red has long been considered a hypersexual lipstick shade; others claimed that it was wrong for her to be wearing makeup at all. As a result, arguments ensued over Twitter feeds everywhere. 

photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Some argued that bold lip took away some of North's childhood innocence. 

Others believed women shouldn't be restricted from wearing makeup if they want to be able to learn.

LOL, she has a point.

The controversy sparked conversation about the oversexualization of young girls, and some rightfully pointed out that predatory men are at the root of the problem here. 

"If you think anything other than something innocent, I’m judging you."

Kardashian was quick to respond herself and said the lipstick shade could just be an upcoming KKW release.

No matter what you think about young girls wearing lipstick, you can't deny this marketing ploy is kind of brilliant. We are talking about KKW Beauty, after all. 

We're sensing Kris had something to do with this.

And it seems those who are against the red lipstick have found themselves eating their words. 

So whether you're for or against North West in makeup, the conversation about makeup's ties to sexualization is still something that needs to continue.

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What do you think? Was North too young to wear the lipstick? Even if it was for a makeup launch?

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This issue is far too complex to have just one answer.