Last week when ColourPop revealed its newest monochromatic collection — a dazzling bright yellow selection — fans of the brand lost their minds. After months and months of releasing monochromatic palettes in almost every shade under the sun, ColourPop realized its fans were demanding a yellow version, and it delivered with the Uh Huh Honey Palette ($12, ColourPop).

Though the palette and the collection it launched with have only been available for a short time, YouTubers are already getting their hands on it and showing us what it looks like in real life. What's the verdict? Ask the six YouTubers below.


"This is probably one of my favorite ColourPop palettes that's ever come out — I do have one critique, though, and that is that I'm not a fan that ColourPop is using plastic packaging now," she said after doing a complete eye look with the palette.

She also noted that the chunky glitter shade Palooza is, as deemed by the brand, "not safe for the immediate eye area," deeming it a little, um, pointless.

Tashjané Collins:

"There were a few colors I feel like were kind of too close. For example, Sweet Spot and Oh Beehave were kind of like two colors that — I mean I feel like they're not far off... It looked like I was using the same color. That was disappointing, but I still feel like I'm definitely going to use this palette, and I still love this palette; I still recommend this palette."


"If you love your yellows guys, I'm telling you this palette is FUN."

She noted that a lot of the matte shades appear darker on the eye than they do in the pan, but aside from that, she pretty much had no complaints about the palette. One should note, however, that she does have a ColourPop affiliate code from which she makes a commission.


"The quality of the palette I think is really, really good... I personally am going to get a ton of use out of this palette 'cause I love yellow eye shadow," she said. "I'm super into it; I think it's totally worth the $12. It's so cute and compact!"

Paige Oenning:

Oenning noted mainly that the loose glitter shade Palooza is patchy and a little difficult to work with — but that's very standard for any loose pigment. The rest of the shades, both matte and metallic, she noted, swatch like a dream.

Lethal Kitten:

"None of these eye shadows gave me issues whatsover," she said, before noting that this palette's darker and transition shades blended way more easily than the ones in some of ColourPop's other palettes.

Thoughts overall?

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The general consensus seems to be that if you're wont to use yellow eye shadow you're going to love this palette. The loose glitter shade Palooza might give you some issues, but makeup experts and aficionados can probably master it pretty quickly.

The only thing? Almost no POC YouTubers have reviewed this thing, so the verdict's still out on if and how this palette will show on deeper skin tones.

Nevertheless, it seems like $12 for this palette is a total steal. Grab yours right here from ColourPop!