Meet Kristen Leanne and her husband, Ryan Morgan. (You may recognize Leanne as the founder of Arctic Fox hair dye.) Yes, they're a Very Hot Couple, but that's not why we're talking about them right now.

Leanne gave Morgan a FULL. UNICORN. BEARD.

We really didn't think this would do it for us, but it does.

And her tool of choice is surprisingly easy to use. It's just colored mascara.

She used Lashy Flashy by Pop Beauty ($16, Pop Beauty) in all three available shades: Purple Passion, Blue Bloom, and Tantalizing Teal.

Buy why not just... dye it?

Well, as a brand ambassador for Arctic Fox himself, Morgan frequently colors his beard with the brand's bright hair dyes, which requires putting bleach on his face. Ouch.

Leanne's new solution is far less painful and isn't damaging to his skin or hair in the slightest.

We know what you're still thinking: But WHY did she give her husband a unicorn beard?

Because she WANTED to, dammit.

And because men can be unicorns, too.

And surely, a lot of them are about to hop onboard the unicorn train. Life's too short to have a boring beard.

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