Unicorn Cosmetics has been blessing the people since it first dropped the novelty unicorn brushes that sent the whole beauty community into a frenzy over the glittery, colorful handles. 

Once the brand mastered magical brushes, it launched Unicorn Gloss ($20, Unicorn Cosmetics) — its first ever makeup product. 

But when you're the unicorn connoisseur, you can't just stop at gloss and brushes, right? 

Unicorn Cosmetics just teased an entire unicorn-themed eye shadow palette, and fans are FREAKING! 

That's right. Unicorn Cosmetics is venturing into eye shadow territory, and confirmed it with this sneak peak of a gorgeous new palette. 

Say hello to the adorable Sassy Doll eye shadow palette! 

Unicorn Cosmetics didn't drop any additional details about colors, finishes, or a price — but if the eye shadows are as gorgeous and meticulously thought out as this cover art? We're in for a stunning revival of the unicorn trend!

Unicorn Cosmetics is also promising its fans that the Sassy Doll palette will be lacking the one thing so many of them have been so annoyed by — NUDES.

Fans have been complaining about A LOT of brands releasing palettes full of nudes and warm tones. Bright, colorful palettes are the new wave and fans want them STAT.

Tarte Cosmetics received huge backlash after teasing a palette with bright, cool colors — just to tell its excited customers the palette was only an April Fool's jokes. 

But Unicorn Cosmetics isn't here to play. 

"Omg!! Hope no nudes in sight lots of colour please," one fan wrote

"No nudes anywhere babes," the brand confirmed in its Instagram comments.

Without any other details, fans already want the Sassy Doll palette like yesterday. 

Who's ready for more unicorn goodness from Unicorn Cosmetics? 

photo: Giphy

Stay tuned for more details about the new Sassy Doll palette and other releases from the brand. 

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