Unicorn Cosmetics hasn't even dropped its first official eye shadow palette yet, and the brand is ALREADY teasing another! 

The brand first hit the scene with its insanely gorgeous unicorn brushes, and since then has dropped brush set after brush set. 

Now, it appears Unicorn Cosmetics is aiming to wow us with eye shadow palettes as well.

In early April, the brand teased the new Sassy Doll palette with just a single picture of outside packaging and nothing more.

The brand shared nothing about the price, release dates, eye shadow shades, finishes, or swatches. 

One thing Unicorn Cosmetics did confirm is the palette will NOT be all about warm nudes like the many before it. 

After this product reveal, the brand went pretty quiet on social media with only posts about its existing products and no more peeps about Sassy Doll.

Now, as fans wait patiently for at least a glimpse of Sassy Doll's eye shadows — the brand has revealed a second palette! 

Say hello to Totemic! 

"My baby for over a year! Formula is finally complete, wait till you see the yellow and orange mattes," the caption revealed.

Yellow and orange mattes!? Sounds super spring and summer appropriate to me! 

But there are still so many questions!

photo: Giphy

Are Sassy Doll and Totemic going to be sister palettes? Will they be released at the same time? Will there be palette and brush bundles!? 

The suspense has left the beauty community SHOOKETH! 

Stay tuned for more details about Unicorn Cosmetics first launch of palettes. 

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