My Little Pony
photo: Hasbro Studios

You have your unicorn makeup brushes sitting on your vanity. You've purchased your own bottle of unicorn skin serum. You even own a tube of unicorn tears lipstick.

Go ahead and grab your every color of eyeliner in your makeup bag, because you're *so* ready to become an actual unicorn. 

All over Instagram, unicorn lovers are transforming themselves into majestic, rainbow-colored creatures. Instead of the standard cat eye, makeup artists are drawing on eyeliner inspired by unicorn horns. 

Take your wings to the next level with these My Little Pony-approved looks:

Introducing unicorn eyeliner.

unicorn eyeliner
photo: Instagram/@dreyzzydrey

These dazzling horned cateyes will go great with your multi-colored unicorn lips.

Unicorn eyeliner
photo: Instagram/@krissiikiwii

Non-unicorns need not apply.

Unicorn eyeliner
photo: Instagram/@jayymaddy

You can create a red-hot liner look...

Unicorn eyeliner
photo: Instagram/@emmavicamini

...or simply cover your horns with sparkly glitter.

Unicorn eyeliner
photo: Instagram/@beautyby.sera

Magnificent! (Click for video)

This makeup artists teaches her fellow unicorns how to create the magical look, step by step. (Click for video)

But if you feel like being #Extra, go ahead and draw an ENTIRE unicorn on your eyelid and just have the mystical creature leap *over* your eyeliner.

unicorn makeup
photo: Instagram/@a_little_sparkle_xo

Because you should never have shame in your unicorn game.