Beauty lovers everywhere wept when Urban Decay officially discontinued its beloved Naked palette. But it seems like more Naked hope may be on the horizon — and one YouTuber has discovered what that may look like.

YouTuber Elle Tells has got her sleuth hat on and discovered what looks like the next Urban Decay Naked palette. Revelist did some detective work of our own to fact-check her claims ... and it seems like they could be legit.

YouTuber Elle Tells did some deep digging and thinks she discovered the next Urban Decay Naked Palette. 

After searching on Instagram and Twitter, Elle discovered images of UD's new "Naked Cherry" palette, which she says is available in Thailand.

We have to say the packaging looks freaking legit AF. 

She even found images of the back of the box. The palette comes with a double-sided eye shadow brush which is pretty standard fare for Urban Decay. 

"Naked Cherry is ripe for the picking with 12 ALL NEW, sweet and tart, cherry-hued shades — including shimmering pinks, warm peaches, and deep burgundies. From Bang Bang, a soft micro-sparkle pink to Ambitious, a deep metallic copper, and Drunk Dial (our weekend obsession), this forbidden fruit has everything you need...," reads the back of the box. Sounds like UD to us. 

We did some investigating of our own and discovered there is in fact a trademark registered as "NAKED URBAN DECAY CHERRY." 

So let's open her up. She's a beaute!

Zooming in we can see the shades (L to R): "Hot Spot," "Caution," "Bang Bang," "Feelz," "Juicy," "Turn On," "Ambitious," "Bing," "Devilish" "Young Love," "Drunk Dial," and "Privacy."

Check out the alleged swatches below. There's definitely a lot of red tones as one might imagine in a cherry-themed eye shadow palette, with a mix of metallics and mattes.

As Elle Tells notes, while the colors are beautiful and bold, red tones feel a little dated at this point. 

Elle predicts the palette will be released sometime this fall, as it already appears to be available in Thailand.  

With Urban Decay having murdered — um, discontinued — its iconic Naked palette, many are expecting a paradigm shift from the brand. 

Is Naked Cherry all that you had hoped for? 

Our feelings right now:

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