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We did some investigating of our own and discovered there is in fact a trademark registered as "NAKED URBAN DECAY CHERRY." 

So let's open her up. She's a beaute!

Zooming in we can see the shades (L to R): "Hot Spot," "Caution," "Bang Bang," "Feelz," "Juicy," "Turn On," "Ambitious," "Bing," "Devilish" "Young Love," "Drunk Dial," and "Privacy."

Check out the alleged swatches below. There's definitely a lot of red tones as one might imagine in a cherry-themed eye shadow palette, with a mix of metallics and mattes.

As Elle Tells notes, while the colors are beautiful and bold, red tones feel a little dated at this point. 

Elle predicts the palette will be released sometime this fall, as it already appears to be available in Thailand.  

With Urban Decay having murdered — um, discontinued — its iconic Naked palette, many are expecting a paradigm shift from the brand. 

Is Naked Cherry all that you had hoped for? 

Our feelings right now:

photo: Giphy