urban decay naked cherry
photo: YouTube

Last month, YouTuber Elle Tells discovered a brand-new Urban Decay Naked palette that no one was entirely sure was legit. 

The palette was allegedly first released in Thailand, where leaked photos of the Naked Cherry palette were first taken. Despite there being photo documentation of the palette's packaging, ingredient list, and trademark registration, the internet refused to believe it was real without confirmation from the brand itself.

And that's exactly what the brand just provided.

"She's legit," wrote Urban Decay, sharing on Instagram the first official shot of the Naked Cherry Palette.

Good heavens, she's so beautiful.

photo: Giphy

Unlike the rest of Urban Decay's Naked Creations, Naked Cherry is chock full of color instead of the series' signature nude tones.

And apparently, she's not alone — Urban Decay is launching a full-blown cherry collection including a cream lipstick trio ...

Two gel eyeliner pencils ...

A cherry All-Nighter setting spray ...

And a cherry cheek palette.

Clearly, Urban Decay is set out to make up for the devastating loss of the original Naked Palette, which was discontinued for good last month.

And, you know what? I think they did it.

photo: Giphy

A release date for the Naked Cherry Palette and all those other goodies has yet to be revealed.

You can certainly expect the palette to have a $54 price tag like the rest of the Naked palettes.

The lipsticks will likely retail for about $18 a piece.

Those eye pencils, like Urban Decay's others, will probably sell for $21 each.

The All-Nighter spray appears to be travel-sized, which means it'll probably go for $15. The cheek palette's price could lie anywhere between $30 and $45.

This collection could drop at any moment, so you'd better start saving your coins now.

photo: Giphy

This cat's got the right idea.