Yes, it's tragically true: The eye shadow palette that started it all is about to be no more. Urban Decay just announced that it will no longer produce its first-ever Naked palette, a true icon in the beauty industry.

Though this news is indeed gut wrenching for beauty lovers of all ages, it does have a bright side.

Urban Decay announced that as of today, it will cease production and sale of the original Naked Palette.

“Today, we mourn our beloved original Naked Palette, a revolutionary product that changed the beauty industry forever,” the brand shared on Instagram. “A little bit naughty, often dramatic, and always in the press, the innovative game-changer and category creator will be laid to rest after 8 years.”

It's hard to see the bright side in such tragic times, but the palette is now available at a whopping 50% discount via all of its official retailers from now until it's sold out.

urban decay naked
photo: Urban Decay

That makes is just $27. It'll be worth way more than that once its sold out, FYI.

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So buy as many as you can right now before they're gone forever.

photo: Giphy

Rest in peace.