laura lee apology
photo: YouTube/LauraLee

For the past 10 years, thousands of the biggest video content creators and their fans have gathered for VidCon, a weekend-long celebration of the growing digital media industry complete with fun workshops, exciting new releases, and outrageous costumes. 

This year, amidst countless instances of beauty YouTube drama — and the formulaic apology videos that came with them — one young and avid YouTube fan put all other elaborate get-ups to shame with his hilarious ode to the mess of the beauty community. His simple yet extremely shady costume is gaining tons of attention, and social media is obsessed.

This weekend, thousands of YouTube fans gathered for VidCon 2019. 

The world's largest celebration of digital video and online creators took place in Anaheim, California, and drew thousands of tech-savvy video lovers including TikTok stars and YouTube celebs, many of which were decked out in creative costumes. Among them was a young YouTube fan whose get-up was the coolest thing at the convention. 

He arrived as an "Apology video" wearing a handmade cardboard replica of the now extremely familiar video genre that problematic vloggers are all too used to. Twitter lost it. 

He hit the mark perfectly. 

With almost 15 tick marks representing advertisements, the hilarious kid was spot-on with how redundant influencer apologies go, and people couldn't take it. 

"ha ha, look at the number of ads as well," someone tweeted about that small yet crucial part of the costume. 

And of course, the source had to be properly credited. 

For Halloween last year, YouTuber JacksFilms originated the costume in a video with more than a million views. He also provided viewers with a printable version so they could have it for themselves. 

"Incase anyone doesn't know, this idea was created by our big boy @jacksfilms. check out his video here and send him some love!" someone tweeted.

The costumed kid even added commentary. 

He finished off the long video with a reminder that's all too familiar to YouTube fans. The kids told everyone watching to make sure to subscribe to his channel after the long and tearful apology. 

"The ad breaks, the tears and quick reminder at the end ‘remember to subscribe’ makes this hilarious," someone wrote. 

There was no detail that went unnoticed. 

What people admired most was the attention to small details the kid focused on. From the amount of views, to the video length, to the dislikes, it became clear who the real winner of VidCon was. 

"And 5M dislikes. lol," a Twitter user wrote. "It’s also an hour and two minutes long," someone responded. 

But there was one thing he forgot. 

All apology videos begin the same way: with that long, dramatic deep breath. It's the same noise that kicked off Laura Lee's, Manny MUA's, and even James Charles' videos of them begging for forgiveness and promising their fans better. 

"He forgot to the the signature “sigh” at the beginning," a lover of the costume tweeted. 

The costume is indicative of the tumultuous, drama-filled community we've come to know and love (and sometimes hate).

The love/hate relationship we all have with the beauty YouTuber community would be nothing without those hour-plus-long videos filled with broken promises and fake tears. 

"Basically sums up and shades the entire you tube beauty community lol," someone said.