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Admit it: there's a part of you that secretly wants to be a unicorn. Amazing hair? Magical powers? A horn sharp enough to kill a man? Truly aspirational, in my opinion.

Science can't turn you into a mythical horned animal yet, but thanks to super-cool Instagram beauty brand Violet Voss, you CAN — and should — have unicorn eyelashes.

This is the Eye Believe in Unicorns Lash Trio.

This magical set contains three sets of triple-stacked fake lashes. Each pair is triple-stacked — which means it's like wearing three pairs of eyelashes at once, major points for drama — and they range in style from long and wispy to spiky and dense.

Best of all? The lashes are made from fake mink, which means they're lightweight, durable, and cruelty-free.

I'm so in love with the lower pair. I want to wear them every day for the rest of my life.

Plus, this packaging is so cute!

I love this unicorn. I wonder what nail polish she's wearing.

Though the Eye Believe in Unicorns set debuted at IMATS, I have wonderful news — you can buy them online RIGHT NOW!

And at less than $10 a pair, these are surprisingly affordable. Blessed is our eyelash game ($28, Violet Voss).

Now get out there and make some magic with those unicorn lashes of yours!

photo: Giphy

It's the only thing to do, really.

Are you into unicorn-themed eyelashes? What unicorn products would you like to see on your vanity next?

I want unicorn brows myself — I imagine there'd be a lot of glitter, which I'm into. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or on Facebook!