Every day, it seems a new influencer/beauty brand collaboration is released, but up until now, we haven't been able to say that about Kay-Lani Martinez. You might know her as Viva Glam Kay. She just partnered with popular Latina-owned drugstore brand Reina Rebelde for a collection inspired by her Puerto Rican heritage.

The collaboration is much more than a simple lipstick and eyeliner; for Martinez, this partnership is a year and a half of dedication, pride, and excitement. After one glimpse at the collection, you'll understand why. 

If you're not familiar with Kay-Lani Martinez, a.k.a. Viva Glam Kay, we highly suggest stepping your game up. 

The stunning 27-year-old with 1.4 million Instagram followers has become outrageously popular for her perfect curls and flawless beats, and she's one of the real OG beauty bloggers. For years she's put us on to the best eye shadow palettes, hair products, and skin care, so a collaboration with a major brand is long overdue.

So when she teased a collaboration a year and a half in the making, donned with the flag of Puerto Rico, we were all ears. 

"A year and a half in the making. A collaboration with a brand that celebrates ALL of me coming FEBRUARY 4th!"

Thens he finally revealed it: a makeup collaboration with Latina-owned cosmetics brand Reina Rebelde. 

"When beauty and cultura come together magic happens!✨ Meet the two stunning products that @viva_glam_kaycreated exclusively for Reina Rebelde!"

The star of the collection, this bright blue eyeliner, stood out immediately. 

"Un momento, por favor…we aren’t trying to be chismosas, but did one of our favorite ????reinas just mention something about a collab?"

The color, she said, reminds her of her heritage. 

"Meet my first @reinarebelde product — The Rebel Eye Definer Liquid in Bonita Bandera. I was inspired by the stunning blue waters of my beloved Puerto Rico and the island’s most iconic song." 

And the collaboration is already looking like a guaranteed hit. 

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for supporting me and Reina Rebelde on our very first product collaboration! A lot of love was put into these products, and I hope you can feel the love and pride through the beauty of Bonita Bandera and Alma Desnuda. This is the most exciting moment of my career, and I’m so blessed that I get to share this moment with you.”

The collection is the first-ever influencer collaboration for Reina Rebelde. 

"We’re SO excited to celebrate Puerto Rican culture through our first ever collaboration for Reina Rebelde with our Boricua Reina @Viva_Glam_Kay! ❤️ Reina Rebelde is a small brand, and we have to take everything super despacito."

Reina Rebelde founder, Regina Merson, expressed how excited she is to finally launch the collection. 

"Kay-Lani and I started working on this collaboration over a year and half ago! It has been incredibly hard but important work, and SO slow at times.  This whole time, @Viva_Glam_Kay’s phone was ringing off the hook with bigger opportunities from much more established brands, but she STUCK with me, she was committed to doing her first makeup collaboration for all the right reasons, for her community,  for her fans no matter how long it took, and for that, I am so grateful and humbled."

And now is your best chance to get the entire collection for FREE. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the photo below. 

"We’re doing a giveaway of FIVE of these boxes that were made ONLY for this launch and will NEVER be produced again!!!! PLUS, the winners will received a handwritten card from me!!"

This is the collab that Martinez (and we) have long prayed for, and we're so happy it's finally a reality. Shop the entire collection below! 

"I’ve been doing this for many many many years & have been wanting to do a collaboration for so long. I always knew how I wanted to deliver this, but I was so discouraged because it seemed like my dedication to what I do just wasn’t reflecting the way I wish it was to some brands. So when I met Regina (founder of @reinarebelde ) it felt like this is what I’ve been praying so long for." 

Bold Lip Color Stick in Alma Desnuda ($14, Reina Rebelde)

Alma Desnuda delivers a full-coverage, satin-finish ribbon of high-density color for a truly bésame lips and a stay-put intensity that won't fade, bleed, or feather. 

Rebel Eye Definer Liquid in Bonita Bandera ($14, Reina Rebelde)

This intense, long-wearing liquid eyeliner in a cobalt blue shade was designed to make your eyes pop. This water-resistant liquid eyeliner will not run or fade, no matter where your day takes you.

La Reina Bundle ($75, Reina Rebelde)

Create glamorous looks using six Reina Rebelde favorites, including new Rebel Eye Definer Liquid in Bonita Bandera and Bold Lip Color Stick in Alma Desnudafor a limited-time special price of $75. 

La Rebelde Bundle ($75, Reina Rebelde)

Channel your inner rebel with edgier, but wearable looks using six Reina Rebelde favorites, including the new Rebel Eye Definer Liquid in Bonita Bandera and Bold Lip Color Stick in Alma Desnuda, for a limited-time price of $75.