Earth To Skin Walmart
photo: Earth To Skin

The first place that comes to mind when you think of scientifically formulated skin care products probably isn't Walmart. The mega-retailer is known for just about everything, but its beauty selection rarely finds itself being praised for its cosmetic attributes. However, we're living in the age of affordable luxury skin care, and it looks like Wally World is joining the long list of providers. 

The mega retailer recently announced Walmart-exclusive brand Earth to Skin, a chic line packed with naturally-derived ingredients that won't break the bank — and it's already flying off the shelves. Ahead, check out the cleanly packaged, wonderfully fragranced products that will have you seeing Walmart in a completely different light. 

Earth to Skin Super Greens Nourishing Starter Set ($10, Walmart)

This set includes a Super Greens Cleanser, Super Greens Day Cream, Super Greens Night Cream, and Super Greens Eye Cream. The key ingredients for this kit is the Broccoli-Cucumber-Kale Complex, which nourishes, revitalizes, and enriches the skin. 

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Earth to Skin Super Fruits Avocado Overnight Mask ($7, Walmart)

This ultra-creamy avocado mask hydrates all night long for a glow that will leave you in awe. Super packed with luscious avocado fruit extract, vitamin D, beta carotene, vitamin E, and potassium, it's known for its many brightening properties. Earth To Skin instructs you to apply onto clean dry skin as the final step in your nighttime regimen.

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Earth to Skin Tea Time Anti Aging Face Cleanser ($7, Walmart)

According to the brand, this youth-emphasizing cleanser is "loaded with white tea extract known for its detoxifying benefits... and rids your skin of harmful, radical-releasing impurities before they cause skin oxidation, blackheads, deterioration, and dehydration." 

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Earth to Skin Super Fruits Watermelon Sheet Masks ($7, Walmart)

Who doesn't love a sheet mask? These are bursting with vitamins and fruits to make the skin find its glow within minutes. It almost immediately restores the skin's radiance, reducing the appearance of dark marks and leaving you looking refreshed. The watermelon fruit extract will leave skin dull no more!

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Earth to Skin Super Greens Green Pumpkin Enzyme Peel ($7, Walmart)

Earth To Skin says that this "vitamin-rich super greens green pumpkin enzyme peel gently exfoliates dry dead skin cells while bathing skin in a sea of moisture. Green pumpkin extract packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acid work in tandem with micro-fine walnut shells to naturally ignite cell turnover."

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Earth to Skin Honey Manuka Calming Face Cleanser ($7, Walmart)

Anything packed with honey is something we want to be a part of! This hydrating cleanser is packed with Manuka honey extract and glycerin, which both make the skin more inviting to moisture. It assists in reducing fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. 

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Earth to Skin Tea Time Anti Aging White Tea Day Cream ($9, Walmart)

Allow this rich cream to tighten and firm your skin. Formulated with white tea extract, mushroom extract, shea butter, and glycerin, this day cream stops signs of aging in its tracks. Apply after cleansing for just the right amount of hydration to keep your skin smooth all day long. Did we mention that it minimizes pores too? 

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