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When January 1st hit, the new years resolutions began. For many, it was to hit the gym more, for others, it was to perfect their makeup skills. So what better way to stick to those promises than with a collection that combines the best of both worlds? Well Wet n' Wild is doing just that with a brand new gym-inspired collection that will motivate you to do those crunches just as much as it does to master that contour. 

Don't worry, no gym membership or trainer necessary. This is the real at-home workout. 

Wet n' Wild's newest addition to their cult collection of makeup favorites is shaking things up, literally. Not only have they created a collection of gym-inspired makeup, there are also hair products being added to the mix. 

Fitness influencer Cassey Ho is the face of the brand new collection. Hey, maybe we'll have her skills after trying this out. 

The PUMP Collection, which will be available January 14th are packed with products way more fun than taking the eliiptical for a spin. 

photo: Wet n' Wild

Not that the gym can't be great and all, but in all honesty, makeup makes us more excited these days. You feel us? 

It’s My Cheat Day Refreshing Hair Mist, $9

photo: Wet n' Wild

Catch this hair refreshing spray on the days when you pumped a little too much iron to have the strength to wash your hair. The smell-good way to keep it cute. 

Tone Up Brightening Glitter Mask, $9

photo: Wet n' Wild

Ever heard of sweating glitter? Well, make that dream come true with this festive and exciting peel-off mask. 

Full Circuit — No Limit Palette, $9

photo: Wet n' Wild

Get the perfect dewy look without having to sweat for it. If you want an effortless yet glowing face, take your fingers for a ride in this palette and let the results speak for themselves. 

Makeup Locker 3-in-1 BB Cream, Highlighter & Corrector, $9

photo: Wet n' Wild

Let this do the heavy lifting for you. This 3-in-1 product not only serves as a BB creme, but also as a highlighter and corrector. What more do you need? 

Partner Up Sticks, $6

photo: Wet n' Wild

Whether you need to cover a blemish, mattify your look, or need a lip balm, these sticks are so simple and so easy to use. With seven in total, all of your beauty needs will be taken care of. 

Personal Best Exfoliating Cleansing Balls, $8

photo: Wet n' Wild

After it's all said and done you need a great product to wash it all off. Use these exfoliating balls to reveal more vibrant and glowy skin. 

With 20 products total, this is the launch you really don't want to miss. 

photo: Instagram/Beauty News Official

I mean, where else can you find beauty products that perfectly transition from the gym to the vanity? Wet n' Wild, you're so thoughtful.

See how easy that was? 

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Now flex those muscles, hunny. You've most definitely earned it. 

Need a pick-me-up from Wet n' Wild that's available now, however? 

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Check out these three products that you can also incorporate into your busy day. They may not be made for the gym, but they can def withstand those days that pack a little more punch than others. 

Photo Focus Water Drop Primer ($5, Wet n' Wild)

photo: Wet n' Wild

This lightweight, water-based formula that transforms from a cream to liquid texture, provides a soft-focused finish with comfortable wear. Not to mention, it'll leave your makeup exactly where you left it. 

Photo Focus Hydrating Stick ($5, Wet n' Wild)

photo: Wet n' Wild

This Hydrating Stick pampers your skin with a whopping dose of TLC. It's basically hydration on demand. 

Perfect Pout Lip Scrub ($4, Wet n' Wild)

photo: Wet n' Wild

The Perfect Pout Lip Scrub is not only tastily sweet – its’ made with fine sugar that will buff away dead skin from your lips, keeping them soft and smooth. One use with this and you'll have the most kissable lips of your life.