Zits suck. Waking up in the morning to discover a giant red bump on your nose is, well, just delightful. Or idly scratching your cheek only to discover a sore spot that you know will become a cyst in 24 miserable hours. And yes, we all know that you're supposed to leave the extractions to Dr. Pimple Popper, but sometimes you can't help but pop that zit. We get it.

Luckily, a new skin-care brand called Starface is here to make the zit experience better. Starface created star-shaped hydrocolloid bandages that help drain pimples and discourage picking. Such bandages have long been a r/skincareaddiction secret, but these little stars are more than just zit-blasters — they're the first viral product in the acne-acceptance movement.


These patches aren't just a great way to treat acne, they normalize acne as an extremely common skin condition. Per the brand, apply the clear patch to dry skin, let it work its magic for at least six hours, take selfies to show off your cute star constellations, and remove when the outside becomes opaque. Like, excuse me? How genius is this product? 

Personally, I had the best success using such patches while I sleep. But if that isn't an option, or if you just want to show off your stars, which I highly encourage and applaud, these patches will make it *so* much fun.

How do these star-shaped pimples patches work against the angry nodule on my face? 

The Starface Pimple Patches work the same way as drugstore hydrocolloid bandages. As Labmuffin explains, the bandage contains a coating of hydrophilic gel; this helps draw out gunk from inside the zit and keeps the inflamed area moist, which helps encourage healing.

The gel can be made of gelatin or pectin. Starface claims their product is vegan, so presumably, they've used pectin to synthesize the healing hydrophilic material. Revelist has reached out to Starface for confirmation.

Such bandages were originally meant to treat blisters and skin ulcers, but along the way, someone discovered that they are effective in fighting acne and spread that knowledge to the masses. Not all heroes wear capes.

The brand's cofounder, Julie Schott, chatted with Vogue about her new product.

Julie Schott, a former beauty editor who founded Starface along with Brian Bordainick, told Vogue that she's especially inspired by Lil Nas X. The rapper talks openly about acne; his viral tweet "Stop making fun of my acne rn or imma cry" became a rallying meme for the pimpled among us. "Everything that Nas X posts about his skin, I’m just like—exactly," said Schott. Unintentionally or not, Lil Nas X is the acne-acceptance movement's biggest celeb right now, and I could see him rocking the star patches in a selfie.

They even come in their own little case!

The pimple patches even come in their own case. It looks like an AirPod case, which makes carrying around zit patches ~discreet~ but also very cute. Schott said she set out to make "a compact that you would not throw away." The case is printed with a smiley face, you guys. A SMILEY FACE. It's not getting thrown away at all.

Schott also told Vogue that in keeping with the brand's commitment to sustainability, the case is refillable. You can purchase the sleeves of patches and load them up into the case to keep them clean and hygienic for use.

Here's how you can give Starface all of your money.

>>Get it here

The patches retail for $22, which includes the case and 32 patches. You can also save 10% by subscribing to purchase the patches in a user-designated time frame, whether it's one or two months, depending on your skin needs. It's unclear how the patch refills will work — Revelist has reached out for comment. In the meanwhile, go forth, and wear galaxies on your face while fighting your zits! Yes, 2019 is truly a remarkable year in beauty.