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Beauty hacks are the gifts that keep on giving. As soon as you think you've heard and tried everything possible to save a coin — boom, there's a new hack to save the day and another dollar.

Just consider the latest: Australian publicist Roxy Jacenko may have discovered the hack of ALL hacks after a nasty fall in her bathroom clipped two of her front teeth.

Before heading to the dentist, Jacenko opted for a quick fix using the most surprising product ever.

"4 months after breaking two of my front teeth in half from falling on to the bath I have teeth again," she captioned a photo of her new teeth. "No longer will I be adhering my teeth with eyelash glue."

Excuse me, what? I should be wondering if lash glue is even safe to use in your mouth, but I can't help thinking about how dependable that glue must be for lashes if it can hold actual TEETH together.

Luckily, Jacenko revealed *exactly* what that holy grail lash glue is: Duo Adhesive Lash Glue!

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"Omg, can you imagine, adhering your teeth with DUO eyelash glue [$5.39, Target] borrowed from the person doing your makeup ahead of a fashion week show yesterday – it was funny," she told the Daily Mail Australia.

And yes, I parsed out time to look up the exact color and price of this DUO blessing for your benefit and mine. C'mon, it holds TEETH together, people. Teeth! Surely this means your lashes and lids will be held together in long-term holy matrimony for a full evening out.

For clarity, using lash glue on broken teeth actually isn't the safest tactic, as reported by Teen Vogue.

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You should absolutely not put this lash glue in your mouth. 

WebMD recommends you take the following measures if you experience a broken tooth:

"If your tooth is broken, chipped, or fractured, see your dentist as soon as possible. Otherwise, your tooth could be damaged further or become infected, possibly causing you to end up losing the tooth."

But who's ready to try out this glue on your lashes?!

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Let a dentist handle all things dental, but feel free to get those lashes snatched!

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