Yves Saint Laurent just released a new full coverage foundation, and it's probably really damn good. There's just one very, very big problem.

This is YSL's entire shade range for its new foundation.

Notice anything... off?

Like the fact that there are almost NO options for darker-skinned people?

Meanwhile, a majority of those light shades look identical.

Let's be real, a designer brand of YSL's caliber definitely has the money to invest in manufacturing a wider shade range.

Needless to say, people are pretty damn pissed.

They're right to be. Just take a look at the offerings by skin tone on YSL's website.

There are 19 fair and medium shades, all of which are still comparably very light.

But there's a whopping THREE shades for deep skin tones. Dude, you serious?

Whoever said YSL took no shame in excluding black women from its brand was right.

YSL, get your shit together.

photo: Giphy

It's 2017, for heaven's sake.

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