Zendaya ponytail
photo: Getty Images

Let's face it, Zendaya is basically perfect. From her sense of style and everything beyond, there's a good reason she's Hollywood's sweetheart these days. And as if we couldn't be even more obsessed, the actress just revealed the most mesmerizing bright red hair we've ever seen. And before you ask, nope, it's not a wig, just her beautiful locks masterfully colored and styled. 

Warning, this is going to have you ready to paint the town red as well, so if you've been having the hair switch-up itch, this is guaranteed to solidify your decision.

Zendaya loves to change it up when it comes to her hairstyle.

Those healthy, brown, wavy locks is the look that we're accustomed to seeing on the Euphoria star. And while we can always count on her to serve us some serious variety with her fashions and even her makeup, we can't say the same about her hair color. 

She's delivered some super-fun wig moments, like the bleach blonde one she wore to the Met Gala this year and that cotton-candy pink number from The Greatest Showman. Still, brown hair has been her mainstay.

But hey, summertime is the perfect season for change. 

And Zendaya just proved that by revealing bright red hair that stopped us in our tracks. The fiery auburn hue, executed masterfully by Zendaya's longtime hairstylist Ursula Stephen, has everyone obsessed and wondering why she didn't go red sooner. 

The look was unveiled yesterday in London while on a world press tour for her upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which she plays Michelle "MJ" Jones, Spider-Man's love interest.

And look how appropriate the color is. 

After racist Twitter expressed their outrage that a black woman would be playing MJ (historically depicted as the white and red-haired Mary Jane Watson), we're loving the subtle and maybe even intentional shade at the haters.

So if you've been wanting to go red, there's really no more convincing that you need. Take this photo to your colorist and channel your inner Zendaya!