If you're an internet beauty lover, you probably know about ZPalette affordable, customizeable makeup palettes.

But that's about to change: ZPalette is now going viral for bullying their customers.

It all started when customers criticized the brand for its Z Potter, a heating device made for de-potting lipsticks.

z potter
photo: ZPalette

Instagram commenters felt that, at $85, the product is overpriced.

And ZPalette... didn't take to that too kindly. In fact, responses from the official account were so harsh, some were concerned the account was hacked.

Choice insults include "You're in a dorm room. It may be a bit of a stretch for your budget" and "Thanks God we don't need your money."

The immature post — and comments — have been deleted, but as always, the internet kept the receipts.

Telling customers "And we pass on you. Bye Felicia" seemed an awful lot like bullying... and fans were not happy.

And the internet did what the internet does best: went the hell IN.

#BoycottZPalette spread like wildfire, and Twitter users scrambled to share their favorite magnetic palette replacements.

In another post that was ALSO deleted, ZPalette defended its nasty responses to fans.

This response — which is long — basically says that people complaining about the price of the Z Potter were doing it "to jump on the bandwagon, to be seen or heard, or get followers." The brand has cast itself as the victimized party, and says nothing about the unkind and immature responses to its fans.

ZPalette THEN tweeted — and deleted — this Winston Churchill quote from CEO Zena Shteysel's Instagram account.

(And the internet ran with that, too.)

But it was too late. Boxycharm and MakeupGeek had both already dropped ZPalette from their product lineups, or spoken out publicly against the brand.

"Boxycharm will always treat Charmers with love and respect," this post reads. "We do not agree with or support ZPalett's recent statements in regards to their customers."

Twitter is now calling upon Sephora and Ulta to follow suit and drop the brand, point blank.

According to user wittle_bunny, both have responded and intend to investigate ZPalette's comments and statement. 

Let this be a lesson to ALL beauty brands: don't disrespect your customers. It just won't fly.