two-toned lipsticks
photo: Sephora

You can never really have too many lipsticks, right? I mean, how else are you going to get a variety of lip colors for all 365 days of the year?

But leave it to Bite Beauty to take that to another level. The brand just sneakily launched a new product that will DOUBLE your love affair with makeup... literally.

Presenting Bite Beauty's brand new Amuse Bouche Two-Toned Lipsticks!

Each lipstick has two coordinated shades in one. From left to right: Nori/Chai, Persimmon/Kimchi, and Fig/Honeycomb. Each double shade ($26, Sephora) color look so warm and fall-appropriate. 

And are you thinking what I'm thinking? Ombré lips! But according to the brand, you can also blend the shades together for your own custom color.

And the swatches are even more lovely... well, mostly.

two-toned lipstick
photo: Sephora

The colors are gorgeous, however, I would be withholding truth if I didn't note how the Fig/Honeycomb tube looks a little pastier on the deeper-toned arm. 

I would be a little hesitant to try that one on my lips, but the Kimchi/Persimmon and Chai/Nori tubes look wonderful — and just as pigmented — on each skin tone represented.

But of course, there's a catch: Bite's two-toned lipsticks are limited edition, and available online only. So if you fall in love with them, you'd better stock up — because they won't be around forever.

photo: Giphy

Per Bite Beauty, each of the *individual* shades are available as stand-alone Bite lipstick singles — so you can make a trip to Sephora and test those out before you buy. But the two-toned tubes will ONLY be available online. So that's a little tricky.

No word on when these instant ombre lipsticks will leave us forever, but you know they will — so get them while they're hot and not sold out.