Buying makeup that actually lasts is always a major goal. If you don't eye the fluid ounces of your lipstick and foundation in the beauty aisle, are you *really* living your best life?

Of course, you never know how a product fairs until you're using it day-to-day — well, unless you're Youtuber Nicole Skyes, who put her beloved Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio ($54, Sephora) to the ULTIMATE test.

Skyes set out to smear as many layers of Fenty Beauty as possible on her face, but first she analyzed the amount of product. 

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"There isn't that much product in the actual thing, " she decided. "I'm actually super curious how many applications are going to be in this. This is like small especially for $54 for three."

This is her face after putting on the first layer of each skin stick. 

She guessed she'd get around "100 or 80" applications out of each stick — and then she got to the REAL work. 

"So far I have [done] 10 applications to my face," she said. "It feels really thick. I feel a little bit itchy, but we're just going to keep chugging along because we haven't even made a dent." 

Oh, bless this bravery. 

Naturally, the Match Stix Trio started to clump up but Nicole is a trooper, baby! 

She totally took this one for the team. 

An eternity later, and Nicole had gotten to the end of her Match Stix. This is her face after *356* layers of Fenty Beauty!

While this is A LOT all at once, it just shows that you could wear an application of Fenty Beauty every day for over a year until you reached the end of your Stix.

That's VALUE, people!

And if you're wondering if her face is okay: "My face feels absolutely horrible," Nicole confirmed. "It started getting cakey at the end. It feels kinda crusty.” 

So, maybe avoid the discomfort and don't try this at home. Take Nicole's well-researched word for it, and just wear ONE layer at a time.

356 uses of Fenty Beauty, baby!

photo: Giphy

Queen Rih blesses us again.