photo: Instagram/Bretman Rock

When the 10-Year Challenge, also known as the "How Hard Did Aging Hit You?" challenge, debuted on the internet, everybody took the chance to show off their glow-ups. While we flocked to the timeline to catch our friends and family slightly embarrassing themselves, several beauty influencers wanted to hop in on the fun, too. 

Their transformations were exceptionally impressive considering that they're now makeup, hair, and skin experts. But hey, everybody starts somewhere, and this challenge is the perfect example of that. So buckle up, because we've created a list of the 13 most drastic switch-ups. They're barely recognizable. 

Patrick Starrr

#2009vs2019 #pastorPAT #10yearchallenge

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It's amazing what 10 years can do, especially when you spend that decade refining your makeup skills.

Bretman Rock

We could just pinch those adorable cheeks! Rock has always been the cutest, but this takes the cake.

Alissa Ashley

It's looking like short hair has always been Ashley's thing. And even though it's clear that she's always had an affinity for modern makeup, the transformation still has us shocked.

Sonjdra Deluxe

We're celebrating the evolution of eyebrows! Who would believe that plucking our brows to almost nothing used to be in style?

Mario Dedivanovic & Kim Kardashian

Friends who glow together stay together. These two have been rocking contour and lashes for more than 10 years, and their bond has been giving us #friendshipgoals since the beginning.

Nicol Concilio

#2009vs2019 biiiiitch ???????? this is when I was going in the tanning booth EVERY DAY after high school... I can't stop laughing!!! Amazing what 10 years can do Ps- only thing I got done to my face was lip fillers and veneers, NO surgeries.

83k Likes, 608 Comments - NICOL CONCILIO (@nicolconcilio) on Instagram: "#2009vs2019 biiiiitch ???????? this is when I was going in the tanning booth EVERY DAY after high..."

Super-orange spray tans are so 2009, and Concilio definitely caught the memo. However, the beauty still has the exact same angel face. 

Lauren Curtis

Wow, wow, and wow. If someone told you 10 years ago that this girl would be one of the most-watched YouTubers, would you believe it?

Who even ARE these people?

We barely recognized any of them. Talk about glow-ups.