There are many celebrity role models who slay in short hair like Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, and Amber Rose. Still, it's impossible to deny that the standards of beauty still favor longer locks. As beauty blogger Alissa Ashley, who regularly rocks a blonde buzz cut, just demonstrated, it's going to take awhile for society to view shorter hair as equally beautiful to waterfall hair.

On Twitter, Ashley shared her frustrations with being pressured to wear her hair longer. 

"I decided quite some time ago that I don’t live for other people," she insisted.

"I know at times it’s challenging because, man, people can be mean, they can be so judgmental & opinionated, but if you’re happy with you, that’s the only thing that matters," she continued. 

"I’ve been getting some pretty mean comments for the last three days since my video was on YouTube trending...I can’t let them win or break me," she said. 

"Be confident in who you are," she wrote.

Her thread received mostly positive responses, with many users sharing their own stories about chopping off their hair.

"YOUR SHORT HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL," one follower replied. "I think your haircut is sexy cuz it shows that a woman can be beautiful without long hair. I got hassled when I cut [and] shaved my head. It’s MY head so idk [if] people get bothered by my style," another user noted. 

"I had short hair for years and now my hair is long and people tell me 'you look so much prettier with long hair.' It makes me want to shave it all off again lol," another one of her followers shared. 

Of course just because Ashley is known for short hair doesn't mean she can't wear long hair when she wants to.

She wore a wavy hairstyle when she dressed like Rihanna from the "Wild Thoughts" music video.

She also served another Rihanna look when she recreated one of the singer's "Anti" looks.

Plus, she wore long brown hair when she dressed as a Bratz doll. With all of these style changes she's proven hair is just that: just hair.

Whether or not she decides to stay short or go for hair reaching down to the floor, Ashley has a right to switch it up. What's most important is that it's inspiring that Ashley is slowly ending the stigma against shorter hair with her iconic look and encouraging others to try daring looks in the process. Go Ashley!