Alissa Ashley's makeup is always FLAWLESS. So when she tried on Urban Decay's All Nighter waterproof full-coverage concealer FOR 13 HOURS, I wondered if it could actually pass the test — and look good doing it.

Before the test, Ashley pointed out one obvious issue. Although there are 14 shades, Ashley called out the fact that there aren't many deeper ones.

"I have to say it. Honestly, the shade range...I was kind of like 'what the hell?'" Ashley said. "Companies always do that where they kind of have, 'light, medium, OK here's one dark shade.' Maybe two, and I just cannot stand it." 

She did give Urban Decay the benefit of the doubt since she said the concealer could be used to "brighten" or highlight.

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Ashley used medium dark warm to highlight, since it was the closest to her NARS concealers. 

Regarding the consistency she said, "It's definitely... on the creamy-thick side, not the liquid-y creamy side." 

"It's thicker than NARS radiant creamy concealer [and] Tarte shape tape," Ashley explained, noting its full coverage. She also did about "two dips" on each side since she likes a lot of concealer, although not everyone would necessarily want to apply that much.

"So far so freakin' good!" Ashley said after blending it out. "It looks pretty good to me." 

After finishing her whole face, she was thrilled that it didn't look "ashy." BLESS.

"It's flowing really well with the rest of my face. It's not looking ashy on me," Ashley enthused. "I did have an issue with the Naked concealer looking ashy on me." 

After wearing it for over 13 hours (which included a concert trip), Ashley insisted the concealer "held up pretty well."

Ashley pointed out that her under-eye area stayed pretty dry! Although her nose got a *little* oily, she shared with viewers that issue has nothing to do with the concealer. 

In fact, she said she will "definitely be using this concealer again." 

Finding a concealer that doesn't leave you ashy AND stays put for hours? Sounds like a win to me. Watch Ashley's full video review here: 

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