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"Be careful who you call a fat, bent, ugly nobody in school," Jack wrote. "Because they might grow up to highlight their inner corner like your girlfriend wishes she could."

That's Jack back in his school days on the left; the right is him (and his makeup) today.

Jack has previously called his younger years "the darkest point" of his life. "People would say 'You're fat!' like I didn't know... I know what it's like to feel insecure all of the time, and to not be OK with the person you are."

Jack still describes himself as "Crazy, crazy shy" — and discusses how school wasn't easy for him. Though he can now make jokes about the bullying he experienced, he's careful to make sure he sets a good example for his younger followers who may be going through the same issues that he did.

He even made an extensive "Blend the hate away" video, showing how he takes the nasty things people have said (and continue to say) about him and turns them into something beautiful.

"When you are faced with negativity, take it and apply it to your life in the most positive way you can. Take all the judgements, the name-calling, and the negative things people say about you. You have to be the one to take control of those words, and once you do that, I promise you, you are unstoppable."

"Loving yourself unconditionally is rule no.1 to living a happy and successful life," Jack wrote. "And rule no.2 is having faith in the glo up."

And I mean, damn. His glow up is SO real.

But while it's relatively easy to learn how to highlight, it's much harder to love yourself in the face of a society that tells so many of us that we're wrong.

"You know yourself better than anyone else in the world," Jack said in one of his videos. "You should love yourself more than anyone else in the world. And you will see nothing but the beauty and the love that you have in your life."

Beautiful outside, beautiful inside. Follow Jack on Instagram to see what amazing, inspiring things he does next!