kathleen lights


photo: YouTube/KahtleenLights

I watch a lot of beauty videos on YouTube. 

Like, more-than-five-a-night a lot. And while a Jaclyn Hill video is COMPLETELY different from a Nicole Guerriero video, there is one area where they're exactly the same. 

I'm talking about the stuff in the background, the Marilyn-esque vanity tables, one very specific type of IKEA shelf, the requisite motivational wall art, and yes, the goddamn beauty blogger candles.

#1: You want to be a beauty blogger? Well, the first thing you need to do is get your ass a beauty blogger candle.

I'm not joking. The candle must be present in ALL videos. This one item is crucial to your success as a YouTuber.

#2: This is the only acceptable chest of drawers. Period. End of discussion. Go to IKEA and get five of them right now.

#3: While you're at IKEA, pick up at least two of these shelves.

#4: Old Hollywood glam-style vanity mirrors are non-negotiable.

#5: Makeup brushes are displayed on the vanity table behind you while you're filming. It would make more sense for them to be in front of you but that is not the point and WHY ARE YOU ASKING QUESTIONS WHEN YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING?

#6: The best, most recently launched liquid lipsticks are displayed on your desk or your IKEA shelves. (Them new Anastasia joints, those fresh Milanis, etc.) Last season's shit goes in your IKEA drawers.

#7: Of course there is a salon-quality nail polish rack in your beauty room.

#8: Every YouTuber has an initial mug, but these mugs aren't for drinking.

#9: You can't YouTube without inspirational wall art.

#10: Symbols of success must be displayed prominently.

#11: Fresh flowers or go the fuck home.

#12: Acrylic makeup organizers for that new new makeup.

#13: Instead of books, there are limited edition makeup palettes.

Some may call these items basic, but I call them GENIUS.

Every beauty YouTuber since the beginning of time has copied the beauty room staples of the ones before her. I call that marketing 101. Make it rain in sponsored videos, ladies. Get your dollas. 

May your careers burn as bright and as long as your beauty blogger candles.