It's a new year so don't you think it's time you added a few more beauty gurus to your go-to lineup of Youtubers? The next time you decide to have a relaxing Youtube and Chill session— consider these up and coming beauty folks who slay tutorials, reviews, and more.

Raw Beauty Kristi

Raw Beauty Kristi is hilarious and brutally honest when she reviews products. She does tend to put up her reviews a little behind the rest of the trendy Youtube influencer pack — but when you finally watch it, it's so worth it. By then, Kristi usually has tested the products out for a few days and has thorough feedback to give.

Shanygne Maurice, aka Too Much Mouth

Too Much Mouth totally knows her stuff! She's known for giving really thorough first impression videos and creating fun tutorials on her Youtube channel.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang was *definitely* a breakout Youtube star in 2017 thanks to her Darkest Shade series. She's known for not only challenging beauty brands to go deeper with their shade ranges — but also delivering bomb makeup looks on her channel. 

Kimberly Margarita

You are in for one bomb fantasy ride when you follow Kimberly Margarita's Youtube channel, Colour Creep. She's the COLOR QUEEN and becomes the most beautiful creatures in her transformation videos.

Alissa Ashley

If you're not already following Alissa Ashley, then stop what you're doing and fix it ASAP. Alissa has been doing makeup for years, but her channel got a huge follow boost after she delivered a brutally honest review of the infamous Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Alissa has a bubbly, fun personality and SUPREME eye makeup looks. She's also snatched up the attention of Rihanna and the Fenty Beauty team (they both follow her) and recently filmed a makeup tutorial with Zendaya

Malaysia Arivahc

Malaysia Arivahc takes it ALL THE WAY with her makeup looks. 

She transforms into your favorite television characters and also does other cool pop culture tributes. Follow her on Instagram *and* Youtube because she posts cool, different stuff on both.

K & L of Dupe That

K & L can find an affordable dupe for almost every high-end makeup brand you can think of. The brand also delivers great product reviews and plenty of great swatches on their Youtube channel.

Thomas Halbert

If you want a little TEA and a lot of makeup talk, then Thomas Halbert's channel is where you should subscribe. He beats a bomb face and is also known for dishing out hot tea on the lack of diversity in the beauty community. 

I find myself tuning into his channel for his chats as much as his product reviews.

Jordan Byers

Go to Jordan Byers when you want a brutally honest review on everything from high-end makeup to clutch drugstore brands.

Reuben De Maid

Reuben De Maid is a 12-year-old beauty guru who can slay his face better than most. You may recognize him from a few appearances on the Ellen show *and* his ADORABLE reaction to Kim Kardashian surprising him during a beauty video filming. 

Megz, aka ULoveMegz

Megz has nearly 500K followers and she's been around for a long time — but baby girl isn't a household name yet and she DESERVES to be. Megz doesn't just review makeup and give tutorials. She reviews hair products, cosmetic procedures, and everything in between. 

She recently transitioned from relaxed hair to natural so her channel has lots of new content surrounding natural hair and protective styles. You're going to get a huge variety and lots of laughs from her.

Alexis Stone

Alexis Stone is the master contour makeup artist who can transform into ANYONE. He's already gone viral for his cool beauty influencer transformations and his stance against blackface. You never know who he'll transform into next. Follow him on Youtube and find out!

Kenneth Senegal, aka He Flawless

He Flawless has created a fun following that adores him as much for his loud personality as they do his makeup tutorials. He speaks a LOT about his personal life adventures and when you watch his videos, it feels like you're hanging out with your fun, crazy friend.

Dominique A

Dominique A is the wig QUEEN! She doesn't just review wigs on her channel; she also gives tutorials on how to manipulate and style them so they look completely natural. 

If you want to learn how to serve LEWKS while keeping your hair safely tucked underneath a wig and saving a few coins — then consider Dominique A. your new Youtube obsession. She also does clothing hauls for thick, curvy women so you get a little bit of everything with her.


If you want the latest info on new natural hair products and cool style ideas for textured hair, then Joynavon is the channel for you! She is *always* switching her hair up and trying out new things. She also focuses as much on hair health as she does style.

Cassie, aka Thrift Thick

Cassie is the Youtuber you go to for not just cool product reviews but also hilarious DIY ideas and reviews of high-end products from a budget-concerned influencer. Cassie also does a lot of thrifting and shares pretty cool tips for surviving a huge thrift store adventure.

She's sooo girl-next-door and delivers really thorough and honest reviews.

Natalie Coppes

If you've ever watched one of those insane "100 layers of..." beauty videos, then you know Natalie Coppes. Her channel is known for funny and dramatic adventures that usually involve her putting a gazillion layers of a beauty product on her face or hair.

You know, all in good beauty fun. 

Aysha Begum

Aysha Begum is a Youtuber representing for the lovely hijabi women who love makeup in the world — and baby girl keeps a BOMB beat face! Her channel is full of great reviews on new products, hauls on affordable online products, and gorgeous tutorials.

Kaiser Coby

Kaiser Coby only started her Youtube channel one year ago but she's quickly gained a decent following. One look at her video line-up and you easily see why so many are hopping on her train: The woman delivers flawless makeup tutorials consistently. Women of color are flocking to her because she's mastered the art of the no-flashback makeup look. 

Penelope Gwen

Penelope Gwen is a popular makeup artist and her Youtube channel is FULL of creative goth makeup looks. She's a goth queen who isn't afraid to play with color so you're going to get a LOT of black but so much more than that. 

Nauteya Whyee, aka Beauty Rebellion

Let's get this one out of the way: Nauteya Whyee is drop-dead damn GORGEOUS, so you could follow her just for that. 

She's also a makeup artist who has mastered the art of the no makeup-makeup look — with a touch of glow, of course. Her Youtube channel is fairly young, but all of her videos have scored thousands of views because she's just that good.

Krizz'tina Mitchell

Follow Krizztina Mitchell's channel for unending eye art ideas! From chill neutral looks to 100% glam, she's got you covered. 

Naezrah Nikole

Naezrah Nikole knows EXACTLY how to get your creative juices flowing with her makeup tutorials and imaginative looks. She can turn anything into eye art — even your favorite athleisure brand symbols, obvi. Follow her channel for the low-down on how she whips up this cool art.

Nina Blanchard, aka Nailed By Nina

Nina Blanchard has earned a pretty good reputation for her bold, creative nail art. She's pretty much proved she can do ANYTHING on your nails. Follow her on Instagram and Youtube for tutorials and all the nail inspo you can handle.

Glow Princess

Follow Glow Princess on Youtube for tutorials that cover makeup and hair together! She's a beauty chameleon so you'll never want for ideas and cool color combinations.


Jeanine slays her face from top to bottom. If you want to achieve a full glam beat, then the tutorials on her channel are where it's at.