SIZE 12-14: Jessica Ip is the blogger behind Clothes And Shit. She's an "inbetweenie," because she can wear straight sizes and plus sizes. She has great tips and tricks for other inbetweenies!

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SIZE 14-16: At 21, Mona Harlem is stylish beyond her years. The Germany-based blogger behind Curves Ahead favors bodycon dresses and big fur coats. Her confidence is contagious.

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SIZE 16-18: Allie Krystal is your go-to for COLOR. Her blog, Ailurophile With Style, is a cavalcade of pastel. Don't even get me started on her hair. #StyleGoals


SIZE 18-20: Talk about curves for days. Essie Golden and her eponymous blog will give you ALL of the inspiration. From fashions that flaunt her gorgeous shape to inspiring stories from other women, Golden is on a mission to make you love yourself. Hence her co-creation of the hashtag #goldenconfidence.

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SIZE 20-22: I lost sleep the night that I discovered Mo Handahu's blog, Lion Hunter. Her style has no limits. As commenters say, she makes simple things look like a "work of art." If you love prints, she will be your new BFF.

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SIZE 22-24: Kellie Brown's blog is called "And I Get Dressed," and boy does she. Brown has an impeccable eye for fashion and a fearless spirit. Reading her blog is like taking the sartorial speed limit signs out of your brain. She also shares a lot of travel pics, which is fun.


SIZE 24-26 (UK): “All women should be able to experiment and enjoy fashion, it is not size dependent,” writes London blogger Chloe Elliot. Her outfit posts are all over the map, from classic London lady looks to casual weekend vibes to lingerie.

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SIZE 26-28: A lot of brands stop at a size 22, but that's not stopping Sarah Conley, the woman behind Style It Online. She muses on fashion, beauty, plus-size news, and her own experiences.

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