jenna marbles rhinestones
photo: Jenna Marbles

2017 was officially the year of the YouTube challenge — and none were more extra than the "full face of" challenges. Influencers spent the entirety of this year covering their faces with eyelashes, holo, and even googly eyes.

But which full face videos were better than the rest? Here are the 12 most watched "full face of" videos of 2017.

Ricky Dillon's "Full face of hate comments."

Views: 208,500

"Today I'm going to be reading a bunch of hate comments, reacting to them, and then sticking them to my face," Ricky said. "I will never understand hate comments... if you can't be nice, be quiet!"

Alexa Losey and the Merrell twins, "Full face of rhinestones challenge."

Views: 577,700

Alexa Losey had her friends Veronica and Vanessa Merrell on her channel, because "I saw Jenna Marbles stick rhinestones all over her face... and it looked like the coolest thing in the world."

Madeyewlook, "Full face of googley eyes."

Views: 581,700

I'm not sure of Madeyewlook's first name, so I'm calling her by her channell name and that's fine. Anyway! She says in this video that she has a history of covering her entire body with random objects, which could only mean one thing — "IT'S EYEBALL TIME!"

"You have no idea how cool this feels on my face."

Chickypie, "Full face of rhinestones challenge."

Views: 668,900

There's going for it, and then there's GOING FOR IT — Chickiepie's video definitely goes for it. Not only does she cover her entire face whith rhinestones, she also goes to dinner with her sparkly face. THAT'S commitment to a video.

David Parody, "Full face of balls using super glue."

Views: 675,700

OK, he doesn't REALLY use super glue — he uses Elmer's clear glue, but still! He has his friend Jad glue about a million fuzzy felt balls all over his face... then peels them off. SUPER satisfying.

That YouTub3 Family, "Full face of rhinestones."

Views: 912,000

What's better than one full face of gems? FOUR faces of multi-generational gems, naturally! At the end of the video, the family invited their subscribers to vote for who did the best face... judging by the comments, it looks like Jordan won.

GlitterForever17, "Full face of kids polish & nail art!"

Views: 955,700

Breland layered a HELL of a lot of kids fake nails all over her face to look like, as she puts it "like I got into a fight with a nail salon."

Mission accomplished.

It's Hayla, "Full face of frogs."

Views: 987,200

This video is, astoundingly, exactly what it sounds like. Hayla literally got three frogs, and put them on her face. This video has been viewed nearly one million times. What a world.

Miranda Sings, "Full face of fidget spinners."

Views: 1,445,800

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cover your entire face in fidget spinners? Miranda did it for you. Describing this as "a really nice date night look," she managed to get eight full spinners stuck on your face before needing to stop.

Kamri Noel, "Full face of rhinestones challenge (in ombre!)"

Views: 2,287,400

Love rhinestones? Love color gradients? Kamri chose dark blue, light blue, and purple gemstones and stuck them onto her face in fading, dark to light magical situation.

Jenna Marbles, "A full face of rhinestones."

Views: 6,879,600

This was the video that started the ENTIRE trend — though many people had, admittedly, covered their face in sparkle before, Jenna was the first to make it mainstream. 

Liza Koshy, "Covering my entire body in tattoos."

Views: 7,780,900

Liza bought "an insane amount of tattoos" and, over a period of three hours, applied them literally ALL over her body. "This is going to be impossible to take off," she said during the process — and she was right. The tattoos took four hours, and a lot of scrubbing, to remove from her skin.

But nearly eight million people watched her video. So that was pain well spent.