YouTube star Nicole Skyes will try anything once — even bathing in glitter, or applying 356 layers of Fenty Beauty to her own face.

But she's just taken it a step further: by breaking the world record for the BIGGEST beautyblender sponge in the world. And her DIY is truly astonishing,

"Is this practical? No," she said, holding up the completed beautyblender (which is the size of a freaking toddler). "And that's why I did it. Basically I just wanted to break a world record."

To the best of my research, there isn't REALLY a world record for the biggest-ever beautyblender — but if there was, Nicole's DIY would win.

Will it work? How well will this behemoth actually apply makeup? Nicole bravely soldiered forth to find out.

Here's how she did it.

First things first: You need a giant plastic Easter egg to use as a mold.

nicole skyes
photo: Nicole Skyes

Nicole filmed this DIY around Easter time, but since it's December, you can get these online ($20, Amazon).

Very carefully, Nicole cut a hole in the top of the egg with a knife...

...Then sealed the middle of the egg with masking tape. Bonus cute dog snoot appearance!

The magic material she used to create the beautyblender foam itself was a two-part confection called FlexFoam-IT.

nicole skyes flex foam
photo: Nicole Skyes

FlexFoam ($31, Amazon) is, as Nicole says, "cheap, and pretty easy to use." She does mention, however, that you need to pay attention — the FlexFoam comes in part A and part B, and Skyes recommends adding a little more of part B to make the foam softer.

"I also added pink food coloring so I didn't have to paint the foam," Nicole said. "And it worked GREAT."

pink food coloring
photo: Nicole Skyes


Now, IT'S MIXING TIME — something that happened in multiple stages.

First, Nicole added the food coloring and the part A FlexFoam, then stirred.

Next, in a separate cup (and NICOLE, do NOT say "ghetto" as a perjorative term! It is 2017!) and with a separate spoon, she mixed the Part B.

Then she mixed part A and part B together in a LARGE bowl, but was very particular about how you mix it. Foam is serious, people!

After making a tube with a piece of paper, she poured the mixture into the mould, then waited excitedly for 30 minutes until the foam had set...

...Only to discover a DISASTER. "To my dismay, I didn't pour enough," said Nicole. "I only filled up about half my egg."

So it was time for round 2 of the biggest beautyblender challenge.

This time, Nicole mixed the second batch of FlexFoam straight into the top half of the mould.

egg mix
photo: Nicole Skyes

This is why there's the "cool ombre" pink effect.

The second half of the giant beautyblender rose...

And voila! The two halves of the giant beautyblender were complete. But not all neon pink eggs are created equal — as Nicole found out.

Because she accidentally used a different ratio of FlexFoam part A to B in each half, the light half end of the sponge was much squishier and softer than the bright pink end.

She cut the ends of both halves to make a flat surface where the two beautybutts would meet, then hot glued them together.

But would it work to apply makeup? There was only one way to find out.

The bright pink side, although much more firm, worked pretty well, according to Nicole.

And the soft end was even (lol) better. "The good thing about this... is you can cover a lot of ground. I am *so* pleasantly surprised!"

Who knew it was really this simple?

Watch Nicole's entire super-sized DIY right here, and prepare to be amazed.

Who knew creating a megablender was so freaking easy?