Black beauty influencers are slaying with their creativity all over Youtube. From bomb makeup reviews to important calls for brands to prioritize diversity — they are changing the industry one video at a time. 

These Youtubers prove more Black people deserve a seat at the table on the consumer *and* business side of beauty.

Check out the 26 influencers who are changing the beauty world by being themselves, showing off their creativity, and dropping bomb content!

Jackie Aina, @jackieaina

Queen Jackie is known for not only her lovely makeup skills, but also for speaking out against brands discriminating against dark skin with their product offerings. She's also churned out LOVELY makeup products herself. See her La Bronze and La Peach highlighters ($28, Artist Couture) made in collaboration with Artist Couture. 

Jackie Aina also won an NAACP Image award for Youtuber of the Year and is working with Too Faced Cosmetics to bring even more foundation shades to more brown and Black women!

Must-see: Her review of the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipsticks is informative — but more importantly funny as hell.

Peak Mill, @peakmilll

When you need a beat face AND wig inspiration — Peak Mill is the Youtuber you go to. She delivers on the slayage every single time. 

Must-see: Peak Mill made the wig you see above *and* dyed it that Blue Denim color. Watch the tutorial on her channel.

Karla Tobie, @princessbellaaa

Nobody does BOMB eye art quite like Karla Tobie. Literally no one. Her creativity is endless and she shows you step-by-step how to get over your fear of vibrant colors and taste the rainbow with your makeup!

Must-see: Honestly? Your whole life will be better after you see ANY eye tutorial by Tobie — but her neon pink glitter video is beautiful start.

Too Much Mouth, @yagirltoomuch

Too Much Mouth consistently makes quality, thorough product review videos. 

Her foundation and concealer hunt series reveal so much about the experience dark-skinned women have with finding not only the perfect shade match, but also the formula matching their skin type. 

She also makes creative Youtube tutorials for people more into fantasy makeup.

Must-see: Check out her Concealer Hunt video as she tries the new deep shade from the Maybelline dark circle concealer.

Alissa Ashley, @alissaashley

When you want honest product reviews, FLAWLESS face, and great eye makeup ranging from glam to every day? Alissa Ashley, all day. 

She provides super lit hacks that make even the most basic makeup routines EVEN easier and faster.

Alissa is also a SUPERSTAR influencer whose earned the favor of Fenty Beauty (they like her photos to death), done makeup for Zendaya, and is now selling her own e.l.f. lip gloss ($6, e.l.f. Cosmetics).

Must-see: Watch her tutorial about fixing makeup mistakes to see what I mean about those clutch hacks.

Nyma Tang, @nymatang

Nyma Tang slays her makeup, but most importantly, she offers tips to women who fall on the darkest end of the melanin spectrum. Her commitment to making other dark-skinned women feel beautiful and worthy in the beauty industry has landed her a LOAD of followers — plus a lipstick deal with MAC Cosmetics. 

Watch out world! Red lipstick by Nyma Tang coming soon. 

Must-see: Nyma Tang talks about the serious side of the beauty industry, but at the heart of it all is a love for makeup. Watch her show you how fun makeup is too with her foundation mixing adventure.

Malaysia Arivahc, @maly_mojo

Simply put, Maly Mojo knows how to have a GREAT time with makeup. There's nothing she won't try and when she approaches a makeup trend, she gives it a fresh spin. 

She can transform into anything she wants. 

Must-see: Watch Maly Mojo transform into the Aurora look you see above. THEN, check out her super ill transformation into Shego from Kim Possible. It's LIT.

Cydnee Black, @cydbee

Cydnee Black whips up product reviews, gorgeous makeup and hair tutorials that are easy to follow along with. 

Black also tests out the latest makeup products to see how they show up for deeper skin tones, and calls out brands who underserve the chocolate girls of the world.

She created her own chocolate brown lip shade ($24, Nudestix) and named it after her mother, Joyce.

Must-see: Check out her verdict on the "darkest" foundation shade from Wet N Wild in her full-face of drugstore makeup tutorial.

Patricia Bright, @thepatriciabright

Patricia Bright is a UK-based beauty vlogger who creates in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos. She's made sure to secure the bag all 2018 with a Bobbi Brown campaign and an upcoming lipstick with MAC Cosmetics

Must-see: Check out her review of Urban Decay dupes on her channel.

Kenneth Segal, @heflawless

Kenneth Segal has earned a major following thanks to his tutorials, huge personality, and fun story time series.

Must-see: Watch his hilarious "Yes Ma'am/No Ma'am" review of various beauty products.

U Love Megz, @ulovemegz

U Love Megz is HILARIOUS and she offers up excellent product reviews. Follow her to see great natural hair tutorials *and* makeup reviews.

Must-see: Megz gave a pretty thorough (and oh so animated) review of the full Patrick Starr X MAC Cosmetics collection.

Sonjdra Deluxe, @sonjdradeluxe

Sonjdra Deluxe serves up glam looks over and over. Follow her Youtube channel for reviews on the buzziest products *and* gorgeous tutorials for a bunch of occasions.

Must-see: Watch Sonjdra's Holographic Cheeks tutorial for all new smokey eye and highlighter inspiration.

The Glam Twinz, @theglamtwinz

The Glam Twinz, Kelsey and Kendra Murrell, specialize in healthy hair and travel all around the world giving talks about the best hair growth practices. Their Youtube channel consists of great hair tips but also beauty and skincare. 

The twins also wrote a book called "The Glam Twinz Guide to Longer, Healthier Hair ($11.52, Amazon)."

Must-see: Watch the Glam Twinz' lineup of drugstore makeup must-haves.

Monica Style Muse, @monicastylemuse

Monica Style Muse does the coolest lifestyle vlogs and really brings you into her life experiences as an Afro Latina. 

She also does reviews for the buzziest beauty products and easy tutorials.

Must-see: Watch Monica Style Muse roast the Nicki Minaj x MAC lipsticks for looking terribly on her dark skin tone in this try-on video.

Kaiser Coby, @kaisercoby

Coby is the queen of NO FLASHBACK and does the best no makeup makeup looks that make deeper skin tones like radiant and beautiful. 

Must-see: Let Kaiser Coby prove she is the queen of no flashback with this quick tutorial video.

Chime Edwards, @chimeedwards

Chime Edwards is a natural hair QUEEN. She does product reviews, gives styling tips, but also dives deep into how to maintain healthy hair. 

Must-see: Watch Chime break down the difference between shedding and breakage of natural hair; it's easy to confuse the two.

Aaliyah Jay, @aaliyahjay

photo: Instagram/Aaliyah Jay

Aaliyah Jay is a master at creating a super glam yet creative makeup look. The young makeup artist has acquired a huge following since she hit the makeup scene several years ago. 

Thanks to her consistent work in the beauty industry, she's earned herself a Maybelline partnership *and* a Boohoo clothing line.

Must-see: Watch her Fairly Oddparents-inspired makeup tutorial.

Makeup Shayla, @makeupshayla

Shayla is one of the most popular Black beauty Youtubers. 

If you're not following her, then you've probably still seen her face pop up on the social media pages of brands like Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Shayla is also the first Black beauty influencer to score a makeup collection with Maybelline.

Must-see: Shayla's review of the infamous Kylie Cosmetics brushes instantly BLEW up after she revealed what happens when you try to wash them. 

It's My Raye Raye, @itsmyrayeraye

Raye Boyce was the first Black Youtuber to reach one million followers, and don't you forget it! She's known for her pretty makeup tutorials, bubbly personality, and fun lifestyle vlogs.

Must-see: Watch her review of a $6 foundation she says is the best ever.

Dominique A., @deliciousdom12

If you're looking for a Youtuber who pulls out EVERY trick possible to create and slay her own wigs? Dominique A. is the answer. 

She tests out super affordable wigs sold on every corner of the internet, makes her own wigs, and will show you how to slay a full face as well. 

Must-see: Believe it or don't, but the faux locked look you see above is actually a wig Dominique made herself. Watch Dominique's tutorial on how to create this wig in record time.

BreAunna Renee, @dopeaxxpana

BreAunna Renee slays all KINDS of braids. She has even mastered adding braid extensions to STRAIGHT hair (translation: made the impossible possible).

Must-see: Watch her braids on straight hair tutorial to catch her hands working all kinds of magic.

Ellarie, @ellarie

Ellarie is known for creating some seriously animated makeup looks — like her Betty Boop Halloween costume. 

People also love her channel for the beauty videos she puts up with her adorable daughter. 

Must-see: Check out her tutorial for the brown Betty Boop look you see above.

Ahliyah Michelle, @Ahliyahmichelle

What's a smokey eye? What's a bland brow tutorial?

Ahliyah Michelle is going to upend all your go-to looks and inspire you to go crazy with the color options. 

Must-see: Watch her create the lovely violet look above in this tutorial.

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