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If you live for neutrals this tip will still work wonders — b when you're going for a bright, colorful look, that layer of powder will keep the shadows you choose from reaching their fullest potential. And Marquez proved it.

daisy marquez youtube
photo: YouTube

Daisy applied Shape Tape concealer on both her eyelids use as primer, then ONLY set the concealer on her left eye with translucent powder. She did her makeup exactly the same on both eyes to show much of a difference the powder makes.

The difference was CLEAR. On the left is shadow over translucent powder; on the right is the shadow on primer alone.

daisy marquez
photo: YouTube

"It comes out way more vibrant," she said of the side without the powder. Now, you could add more layers to the powdered side to build intensity, but the results won't be the same.

She demonstrated that the key to getting a blend without powder is to work in sections, dabbing your shadow across the crease, starting at the outer corner of the eye where you want the most depth.

photo: YouTube

Work your brush in small circular motions as you lay the color down to start the diffusing process.

Stay away from the temptation to go in immediately with windshield wiper motions. Dab first, windshield second.

photo: YouTube

Once you have your crease color down, grab a clean blending brush to diffuse the edges.

photo: YouTube

Marquez showed the final results for her viewers judge, and while both sides are flawless, you can tell that the side without the powder (on the right) has extra oomf.

photo: Giphy

If you're hardcore about color — to the point where you have 10 red lipsticks and can justify each one because of its minor differences — this matters.

Watch Marquez' blending magic in action right here.

Our eye shadow lives have been forever changed.