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Food and drink: $16,360

Mornings on these luxurious trips begin with breakfast in bed in your private villa and end with a beautiful private meal on the sand with you, your 20 closest vlog friends, and all 3 million of your subscribers.

Private breakfasts for 20 = $3,680
Private dinner parties with entertainment = $12,680
TOTAL = $16,360

(These numbers represent the average cost of room service and a private dinner at the three hotels last tripped to by Tarte. It still assumes a 20-person party, which is very conservative.)

Activities: $14,280

Luxury boat rides, snorkeling, private performances, fireworks, jet skiing, trapeze lessons, zip lines, cruises — nothing is too good for these influencers, and no expense can be spared.

Assuming there are two of these #fun events per day for three days, and assuming a per head cost of around $119 (the median price for all the activities I could price out), that's $14,280.

Swag: $24,000

Promotional trips are usually organized around a big, buzzy product launch — products that the influencers get to play with (and blog about) before anyone else. But they don't JUST get the newest eye shadow palette — they get basically everything else the brand makes, too.

I watched multiple vlogs from recent trips, and priced out an average swag bag cost of $1,194 for JUST makeup and skincare. But that's not all; bloggers get lavish gifts from the brand — hats, bathing suits, T-shirts, backpacks and bags, customized robes, sunglasses, and selfie props. Added all up, Tarte may be gifting each influencer $2,000 goodie bags. 12 influencers per trip = $24K.

Blogger paychecks: $???

It has been suggested that, in addition to picking up the tab on an all-expenses-paid vacation, makeup brands also pay influencers a significant fee to attend.

One PR source, who does not work for Tarte, told me a makeup brand she works for paid an Instagram influencer $11,000 to go to a high-profile music and film event for one day and post three photos and one video under a pre-decided hashtag.

I haven't been able to find ANY information on how much, if anything, Tarte paid to ensure this roster of big beauty names would go on its trip. So I had to leave this field blank, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it.

GRAND TOTAL: $338,640


Like I said, this is a conservative estimate — the actual cost of a trip like this could easily exceed half a million dollars. But for brands, who use these trips as both advertising AND client outreach — because don't you want YouTubers to use your products in their videos watched by millions of people? — it's worth it.

Plus, this is still cheaper than a single-page ad in a print magazine. So.

TV ads come and go. But five million people seeing this picture, and wanting this glow? That's priceless.

Damn, it's good to be an influencer.