Many beauty lovers would argue that there is no such thing as too much highlight, and that you could bathe in and it still wouldn't be blinding enough. 

Blogger and beauty boy Bretman Rock was one of those people... until recently.

Unfortunately, Rock managed to find the one very specific scenario where it's somehow possible to go TOO hard on the highlight.

And that's at the DMV. Those florescent lights just can't handle the glow up.

So his highlight mishap was immortalized until he replaced his license and took a brand new photo.

"Don't ever wear too much highlighter when you take your driver's license [photo]," he warns. "You'll look a hot, shiny mess."

No highlighter?! Add that to the long, long list of reasons going to the DMV is the absolute worst.

photo: Giphy

At least we can all continue to highlight to the heavens literally everywhere else.

Thank for the heads up, Bretman. We owe you one.

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