eugenia cooney

Eugenia Cooney.

photo: YouTube/Eugenia Cooney

Eugenia Cooney is a YouTuber who mainly posts emo fashion and beauty videos ranging from a Harley Quinn makeup tutorial to Hot Topic clothing hauls.

She's become quite popular since her first upload in 2013, with more than 900,000 subscribers — but she's also become the source of many people's concern, and even hatred, due to her weight.

An angry follower recently started a petition to temporarily ban the vlogger from YouTube until she seeks help for her 'serious underweight condition,' which some say are negatively influencing her fans — many of them young, impressionable girls. The petition garnered more than 18,000 signatures before it was removed from

WARNING: Some of the images below may be triggering.

To be clear, Cooney doesn't appear to have acknowledged her weight, nor has she claimed to have (or promote) any kind of eating disorder.

"People tend to want to talk about why I look, like, 'too skinny,'" Cooney said in one video (with air quotes around "too skinny"). "I'm just kind of naturally like that, I guess. There isn't really a reason."

In another video she addressed some subscribers' concerns about her body, saying, "I don't feel like I really need to put on weight though. Honestly, I really am fine at the weight that I'm at... I really do appreciate you guys caring about me though."

But viewers are concerned about her — and they're concerned about their friends and family who may be influenced by her appearance.

"My little cousin lost 17 lbs because she wanted to look like Eugenia," one commenter wrote on the now-deleted petition. "She is now receiving care. She’s only 12 years old."

According to New York Daily News, the organizer behind the petition didn't create it in order to body-shame her, insult her, or belittle her.

"She may not be intentionally influencing her viewers, but... her videos and pictures are not helping girls with anorexia or any eating disorder," the organizer wrote.

Last week Cooney recorded a video simply titled "I'm sorry" in which she apologized to those who are upset with her or her content.

"I'm really not trying to do anything wrong," she said. "I've never tried to influence anyone badly and I never encourage people to try to look like me or to look like anyone...

"I just wish people would be less hateful and be more positive and [to] everyone who is positive, you guys are so great. Thank you to the people who care about me though, I definitely am fine."

UPDATE, 10/31/2016, 4:33 p.m. — Revelist received a response from a representative of Cooney's who said that they aren't taking any press requests at this time but should have a release later this week.