Some people are blessed with the long, curly eyelashes of a Disney princess. The rest of us use mascaras and falsies to get lash abundance any way we can — and with no shame.

The biggest trending method right now is eyelash extensions, which can look and feel amazing when you get them done right

But when eyelash extensions go wrong, the results can be pretty horrific. Check out these extension stories and proceed with caution on your quest for beauty.


Your eyelash extensions could give you pink eye.

Youtuber Alexandra Irene vlogged her entire eyelash extension experience on her Youtube channel. She found a good deal on Groupon and was initially excited to get them for the first time. 

All was good in the hood until her eyes began to have a painful, itchy feeling. Both her eyes and the skin around them turned a deep pink color. She ended up using olive oil and a cotton swab to remove her extensions. 

She also ended up at a walk-in clinic where the doctor told her she had conjunctivitis (read: pink eye!) in BOTH eyes. After three days of prescribed eye drops, the pink eye began to go away. 

Yikes, man.


They can rip off in your sleep.

After getting eyelash extensions, Youtuber Tiana Teeto woke up to a very painful discovery that she shared on her channel

"I guess I rubbed my eye because I woke up to my lashes [being] ripped off at the front," read a screenshot of a text she wrote to the eyelash tech who installed them. 

"And I have ripped out my real lashes. I need to remove them." 

 Freaking OUCH. 


Your eyelids can swell like crazy.

Tiana got her extensions removed, but there was still a lot of discomfort and her eyelids remained swollen.


Your own eyelashes can break off.

Youtube vlogger Filo regularly got her eyelashes done for several months and never had a problem — until her eyes also began to swell and her own lashes began to disappear. 

"I barely have any left," she said during a vlog. "And I did notice that my own eyelashes are super short and just awful." 


Your eyelash extensions could literally get stuck in place if you use glue.

Youtuber Madison Ashleigh wore falsies on top of her extensions and the glue she used caused her eyelashes to stick together, according to her vlogged experience.

She tried everything to unstick them and take them out altogether — and by everything I mean she used eyelash remover (it burned), corn oil, vaseline, steaming her face, and even tried to just rip them out (which only caused her pain.) 

But those babies wouldn't budge. 

"Learn from my mistakes," she said during her review. "Because my eyes are on fire right now and I'm probably not going to be able to wear makeup for the next few days."