Farah Dhukai is a well-known influencer and beauty blogger. Dhukai often shares photos of herself with different looks. Some of them include blonde wigs and colored eyes that differ from her dark hair and eyes. 

Although these images are generally few and far between, Dhukai was accused of being ashamed and embarrassed of her heritage. The blogger decided to respond. 

Dhukai is a beauty blogger with 6.2 million followers on Instagram. 

Dhukai is of Indian and East African heritage. She naturally has dark hair and eyes, but sometimes she plays with her looks by wearing wigs and contacts.

Unfortunately, because Dhukai changes up her looks, some people accuse her of being embarrassed about her heritage and features.

Dhukai posted a before-and-after photo to her bullies to show that she isn't ashamed or embarrassed. 

"I’ve seen posts of this pic of me on pages with ppl accusing me of bleaching my skin, multiple surgeries... comments calling me ugly + embarrassing etc. I POSTED THIS PICTURE on MY Instagram yrs ago (still in my feed) cuz I’m proud of who I am," Dhukai wrote.

"The only embarrassing thing is that some people have the heart to call a CHILD ugly. I was 9. I wasn’t allowed to shave my facial hair, or my legs."

"I definitely stood out in gym class when we were forced to wear shorts as part of the uniform (my legs looked like pants I was so hairy) I smelled like onions cuz my mom made curry all the time." 

"I was greasy cuz My grandma always put oil in my hair. I heard the whispers in the halls. I. BEEN. THRU. IT. + for anyone that’s going thru it now, hold your head high, love urself + I promise life gets better."

"My skin was deeper cuz I was a kid who loved riding my bike until the sun went down. As an adult I exfoliate + mind my business. I wear wigs + contacts cuz it’s totally ok to have fun with ur looks."

"HOWEVER, I am FAR from embarrassed of who I am + where I come from. My family originates from India, my parents + their parents etc are from East Africa (wuddup Tanzania, Kenya + Uganda) + I was born in Canada."

"Because the sad reality is that I grew up in a place where I was one of the only coloured kids in school. I was literally called the 'token brown friend.'"

"I’ll never forget the day a boy asked me WHY IM BROWN, and if it’s 'BECAUSE I ROLLED IN MUD.' I didn’t have an answer back then, because I didn’t understand why I was different, or why I didn’t see anyone like me, in my environment, or on tv."

"I wish I knew then, what I know now. I LOVE being different. I love the skin I’m in! You were made to be you. You were made unique + you should NEVER be afraid to be who you are. Stand proud fam." 

Sounds like Dhukai is proud of who she is and isn't afraid of showing how far she has come.