It is a truth universally acknowledged that the entire world LOVES Rihanna's makeup line, Fenty Beauty.

YouTuber Nickole Hoang stans hard for Fenty Beauty — and beauty Instagram star extraordinaire has gone viral for all the right reasons. In her latest video, she transforms Rihanna's blinding gold powder highlighter, Trophy Wife, into a liquid — and it is pure molten magic.

Nicole begins by gently crushing a small amount of Trophy Wife highlighter with a fork, then tips it on to a flat mixing surface...

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Of course, this is Fenty Beauty Killawatt highlighter in Trophy Wife ($32, Sephora).

In this case, that's another Fenty Beauty compact.

Baller move, Nickole.

She adds a few drops of serum to the crushed-up powder, then mixes it up with a fork.

You don't have to use a serum, of course — you can use a liquid mixing medium, or even contact lens solution.

Nickole then picks up her ~brand new~ custom Fenty liquid highlighter with an angled, densely bristled brush.

Remember: Synthetic brushes always for liquid and cream products!

And then she brushes that sweet, sweet Trophy Wife liquid magic ALLLLLLLL over her body. "This highlighter glistens like gold sand!" Hoang writes.

Because oh yes, you're NOT just limited to highlighting your cheekbones — Nickole applies her Fenty Beauty liquid highlight to her collarbones and shoulders. Because when you've got a glow this good, you need your entire body to shine.

Once her body is shining like the top of the Chrysler Building — it's time to add some molten golden magic to the cheekbones.


Finally, Nickole blends out her customized glittery gold magic with the Fenty Beauty highlighter brush.

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This is the Fenty beauty Cheek Hugging highlight brush ($32, Sephora) — the angled bristles make blending so, so easy.

The results? BLINDING.

The body highlighter is glimmery goodness. The cheekbone highlighter is popping. Trophy Wife can do NO WRONG.

"This highlight technique really proves that Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife is quality like no other," Hoang explains.

Does it slay as a powder? YES.

Does it slay as a liquid? YES.

Can you wear it on your cheekbones? ABSOLUTELY.

Can you douse your entire body in it? Damn right you can.

Rihanna is magic; your fave could never.

I'm not the only one who thinks this video is completely inspirational — Rihanna HERSELF liked and commented on Nickole's post!

Does this mean a Fenty Beauty LIQUID highlighter could be coming soon? HMMM...

Watch Nickole's full tutorial — and learn a genius hack for foundation and contour sticks in the bargain — right here.

She is EPIC — and this trick is absolutely genius. Here's to getting the absolute MOST out of your powder highlighters from now until the time!