Sophie's #glitterpits video has been watched by over half a million people on Instagram alone.

The first step is to acknowledge that your armpits deserve more in life.

Repeat after me: My pits deserve this glitter! 

Next, you'll need to grab hair gel that's built to last.

Sophie used L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Fix Structurising fiber gel. With a size-appropriate brush, sweep some of this gel up and down your armpit the same way you would with your deodorant. Don't be afraid spread generously. 

You'll also need glitter, of course.

She dipped her brush into the container while it was still slightly sticky from the gel. Try to snag glitter that has specks closer to sequin size so you can see the individual pieces clearly. 

Then, get to spreading.

Conduct your brush stroking like you know this is going to be an armpit masterpiece.

Seriously. Don't be shy with the sparkle!

When you're done, you'll be a glitter-armpitted goddess!


But of course, because this video involved armpits, haters were quick to jump on Sophie for — of all things — DARING to have visible stubble.

Body hair-shaming on social media is a real thing, even if you barely have any, like Sophie. But that doesn't matter. Those are your freaking armpits and you can mermaid them out if you want to — hair, stubble, or no.

That said, will you be making Sophie's new glitter trend happen? I'm on the fence for this summer, but I admit that in my inhibition-free head, I'm halfway to Coachella 2018 with glitter armpits and a flower crown on my head.