We already know this – Kat Von D isn't the final word in spooky beauty. There's a whole wonderful world of goth makeup artists on Instagram, slaying their liner in the most beautifully bizarre ways possible.

So if you're looking for makeup inspiration, look no further — these 23 goth babes will inspire your beauty to get that little bit ~*darker.*~


Penelope, aka @pennold

Penelope is the undisputed goth queen of Instagram — and with looks this spectacular, it's so easy to see why.


Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick, aka @kelseyannaf

The artist queen of the beautifully bizarre, it's no wonder she's part of Kat's Goth Queen Avengers squad.


Yasaman Ghedi, aka @lilmoonchild

Yasaman never met an eye shadow technique or bold liner look she didn't absolutely kill.


Dallas Woerner, aka @happyhauntz

Her close-up eye makeup looks are everything.


Christina, aka DepecheGurl

Just in case you thought she couldn't get cooler, Christina is also the founder of goth queen brand Cryptic Cosmetics.


Lauren Elyse, aka @laur_elyse

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Who says goth means a lack of color? Lauren's fearless use of color and shape is nothing short of inspiring.


Timothy Hung, aka @timothyhungcom

Timothy brings edgy goth looks with a side of punk club kid realness — and a creativity all his own.


Tina, aka @little_munster_13

Tina's classically ~dark~ looks and unique swatches will steal your soul.


Finn, aka @fl_lecter

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Her uinque use of light and texture has made her one to watch in the makeup game.


Albert Bueno, aka @buec

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Delicate linework. Mad scientist levels of amazing experimentation. Incredible transformations. The original icon of goth-glam drama.


Pamela, aka @ofthelunareclipse

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Pamela's lip and eye art is beautifully detailed and intensely spooky — in the best way possible.


Anna, aka @succuvus

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Goth inspiration doesn't get any more elegant than Anna's jaw-dropping artistry.


Priscilla Ono, aka @priscillaono

Don't get it twisted — Priscilla's a professional artist who can serve EVERY makeup look. But her high voltage evil queen is, hands down, our favorite.


Alise Carter-Ward, aka @aycarter

The orange-haired queen of the lowlands (or Portland), Alise transforms herself into goth-elven characters with a change of her wig.


Ivka, aka @ivkamakeup

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At turns spooky, sexy, and strange, Ivka's makeup is nothing short of an elaborate goth queen dream.


Jasmine, aka @mmmolihua

Jasmine is a modern-day Siouxie Sioux, kicking the goth makeup style back to its '80s roots — and making us love it.


Lolita, aka @lolitadiamond

Lolita is living proof that your best spooky slay should NOT just be for special occasions.


LALA, aka @hwahlala

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Lala is forever our icon of sharp eyeliner, flawless cheekbones, and immaculate lipstick.


Isa Lage, aka @isaluceiro

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With makeup inspired by paintings, musicians, and sometimes even candy, Isa's feed is a constant source of magic.


Kaitlyn, aka @noctis.moth

If you love smoky eyes, sharp wings, and preserved bugs, Kaitlyn will be your soulmate.


Anna, aka @annatrinidad_

From fantasy-inspired bright colors to monochromatic matte looks, Anna is a new artist who slays literally ALL day.


Viviana Valencia, aka @vixxvx

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Viviana's technicolored makeup magic is nothing short of stunning.


Ida Ekman, aka @ida_elina

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Do I even have to say it? She's a makeup witch.