sailor moon cosplay
photo: Miisa MHC

Muslim cosplayers for the WIN, okay!? 

21-year-old Miisa MHC just turned the stereotype about hijabs being restrictive *completely* on its head. 

The Malaysian cosplayer has turned herself into some of the most amazing characters and her costumes are awesome with the *help* of her hijab, not in spite of it. 

She created the most creative "Sailor Moon" costume EVER. Miisa isn't a *regular* Sailor Moon. She's the cooler, more evil version of Sailor Moon: Black Lady!

Check that moon on her forehead and the lovely rose tribute to Tuxedo Mask! 

And don't worry about who Black Lady is. Just know that the original Japanese Sailor Moon anime is *very* complicated and involves way more versions of the Sailor Moon most know and love.

Keeping up with the Japanese anime slay, she also recreated the Naruko Uzumaki character look from "Naruto."

She's wearing a yellow hijab mimic the character's golden blonde hair. 

Miisa attended the Penang Anime Matsuri, an anime conference in Malaysia, wearing this cool costume.

A purple hijab helped recreate the purple-haired character, Benio, from the anime "Twin Star Exorcists." 

She transformed into the Lumpy Space Princess from "Adventure Time" in the cutest lavender hijab, complete with a yellow forehead star.

I am living for this all lavender look. She certainly gave a little glam to the cuddly, floating character. 

And she doesn't just do cutesy! Check this spookier Undertaker cosplay look complete with his Frankenstein-stitched scar!

Her grey hijab creates the smoky grey hair of the Grim Reaper anime character. 

Whatever anime character she transforms into, Miisa is pure magical brilliance.

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